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Marie Callender's
Marie Callender's Cornbread

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Best Cornbread on the Planet


This is by far my favorite treat on the planet.  Growing up, I loved going to Marie Callendar's especially for the cornbread.  When I learned you could make it at home I had to try it and was so surprised that it tasted just like it does at the restaurants.  The cornbread is easy to make and as the same Marie's flavor, and is still my favorite treat.  I could eat this cornbread everyday and I love it!

Las Vegas, NV


The best I've EVER had


I have been a fan of the Marie Calendars restaurant since I was a kid.  They make dishes that my Grandma used to make (beef stroganoff, chicken pot pie, apple pie, etc.).  They are famous for their cornbread.  But, before recently, you could only get it from the restaurant itself.  Now there's a way to make it in the comfort of your own home.  You can serve it with honey butter and it's a piece of Heaven.

Sacramento, CA


Marie Calendars Cornbread and Chili - the best rainy day meal!


So it's rainy and cold out - the leaves have changed and Autumn is definitely here.  Halloween is just around the corner.  What's for dinner?  Chili and cornbread!  And not the gritty cornbread that comes in a little box.  No, the very best is Marie Calendar's.  Loved it in the restaurant with the wonderful whipped honey butter and was thrilled when that mass marketed it.  The texture was a little runier than I remembered it and I had to check the directions twice to make sure I didn't put in too much water- I hesitated thinking I should add more mix and then threw caution to the wind and just stuck it in the oven.  In 35 minutes it was that wonderful golden brown and the smell was delightful.  Seemed a bit more crumbly than I remembered but overall - that same wonderful taste. My Husband also had a comment "a little crumbly" and he is not one to usually take note of such things - al instead of five stars I can only give it four.

Gardnerville, NV


Marie Callender's Cornbread

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