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Map My Fitness

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I love this website almost as much as chocolate


I love this website. It allows you to map where you walk or run, what shoes you wear, rates your workout, keeps tracks of workouts on a monthly basis, calculates calories, allows you to recommend your workout path to other website users. There is so much information and ability to keep track of everything, there is no need for a pedometer with this website.

Burbank, CA


Get Fit, Stay on Track


I love MapMyFitness! I've become addicted to looking at my workout calendar and seeing how far I've run. I made a resoution to run 30 miles per month this year, and witthout MapMyFitness I probably wouldn't still be on track. I have it as an app on my iPhone 4, and when I walk out the door I make sure to turn it on, and it automatcially detects my location via GPS and tracks my pace (both current and average) and the length of my workout, as well as the distance I go - and gives me a map of my route. Excellent program, not buggy, and syncs up automatically with the web version so I can look online or on my phone! What a fantastic tool this is for my fitness and health! A great bonus to this program is for hiking. If you are trying to figure out mileage on roads, its not difficult, but on trails its harder. I now know how far I go when hiking because of the GPS tracker in this program. I usually go farther then I thought - which makes me really happy! I love MapMyFitness - running, hiking, walking, biking - its great for all of it!

Santa Barbara, CA


Map My Fitness

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