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Malibu Passion Fruit Rum

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Perfect for a tropical mixer


So I stood at the store and finally picked this one out, of the many choices the store had to offer.   Had been out the night before and a guy friend had been buying the drinks I am positive it didn't have the passion fruit malibu in it, but I said wth go for it.   so I bought this and i can say I am more then pleased. I mix it with part orange juice part 7up or sprite and 1 shot of this wonderful drink. Its tastes like candy on a tropical beach on a perfect day of sunning spending time with friends and having a great cook out and drinks.   I can never mix my drinks to taste like the ones in the bar but this still had the sweet candy taste of the drinks I were drinking the night before.   So if you have never tried a malibu drink before go out and give this one a try, I am sure there are many recipies on the net here that can help with your next grill out, pool party or tripical themed get together with you and your friends

New Rockford, ND


Malibu rum passion fruit is not one of my favorites


I love coconut rum, but the passion fruit one is to sweet. I feel like I'm drinking a wine cooler. I'm not a big fan of this one. I tried it with fruit juice, and it really just tasted like juice. I'm happy I got this on clearence.

South Bend, IN


Great summer drink mixer


This rum is light and flavorful.  It mixes well for light fruity drinks and makes a great rum punch. Malibu has some great flavors but my personal favorite is the passionfruit.  A great mix with a fruit punch or with lemonade to add a kick.  Highly recommend for those looking for a great new alternative to traditional rum or coconut rum. 

Fulton, NY


escape to paradise with malibu rum!


Malibu rum passion fruit is a great mix of fruity fun!  Try mixing this with a little bit of pineapple juice and some cranberry juice over some ice and you've got yourself a great glass of flavorful fun!!! If you like your drinks sweet and fruity then this is the mix for you!

Oklahoma City, OK


Welcome to the Carribbean


Malibu Rum Passion Fruit is a Caribbean rum.  I have no clue what a Caribbean rum is, but it's really good and that's what it says on the bottle. What I do know is this is the perfect mixer drink.  My favorite is with 7up.  It's nice and fruity but not too over fruity.  It's also a pretty smooth drink straight with a throat warming sensation.  It's a good drink if you're socializing at a home party with friends or when going out dancing. I wouldn't suggest it for BBQ's or when you're watching the game.  Remember, drink responsibly, have a designated driver, and don't drink if you're not 21.

Downieville, CA


Malibu Passion Fruit Rum

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