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Maggie's White Queso Dip

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Maggie's Queso Dip got an A+ from my picky dip son.


My son adores the cheese dip at the local Mexican restaurant. I have tried and tried to replicate it and have bought a number of products under various different names that appeared somewhat similar. No dice - until now. I was in the special section at Harris Teeter trying out a sushi sample which was not all that great and saw Maggie's White Queso Dip. Hum. Through the plastic container, this looked a lot like the restaurant dip. Worth a try. This has been a mission of sorts, since the kid really loves the white queso. He'll eat two bowls of it with chips before the meal comes out and likes the dip better than the main dishes. Maggie has nailed it. This is absolutely fabulous white Mexcian cheese queso. The texture is perfect. The flavor is wonderful. They only had medium, so that's what I got. My son doesn't like real spicy stuff. This worked great for him. It had just enough zip that I thought it was delicous too. Maggie's is a new company out of Charleston, SC. She started with salsa. I've not found that yet, but I'm looking. I know it's at Whole Foods and Krogers as well as now here in our town at Harris Teeter. If you love a nice, smooth Mexican cheese or queso dip, this is THE ONE! We've tried a bunch, and this one is, hands down, the winner.

southern, NC


Maggie's White Queso Dip

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