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MARPAC 980 SOUND CONDITONER- White Noise machine

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Helps everyone sleep! And blocks outside noises.


I use this product in two areas of my life. Work and home. At home this product is helpful for our entire family because it helps us sleep. The white noise is a huge help for those of us who are light sleepers and can hear even quiet cars driving by during the night. It also allows our son to sleep without hearing what else is going on in the house at his early bed time. I also use this machine at work as a therapist. It creates a sound barrier between clients in my office and those in the waiting area being that my space is a small one. You can adjust the level of noise that is made by turning the shield to open it more or less. This will affect the sound omitted drastically. It is a great machine that we have come to rely on daily across the span of work and home!!


Colchester, CT


Love this gadget!


We have had this sound machine in our 3 year old son's room for at least 1-2 years. It works great! You can adjust the volume by turning the device. It is very simple and only has an on and off switch. The white noise is very calming and helps our son sleep and also keeps him from hearing every noise outside his room at night. Would buy this again and recommend it to anyone. It is a life saver.


Greenville, SC


Great product - love this sound machine


Best sound machine ever. I have the one they sell at the baby stores that makes all the heartbeat noises, etc. My Son did not enjoy that. But this sound machine just sounds like a loud fan. You can increase/decrease the loudness and pitch of the sound. I hate fans, so something that sounds like a fan was just perfect. You can also now get them at BBB with the 20% off coupons.




I get a peaceful night's sleep thanks to my MARPAC 980!


MARPAC 980 SOUND CONDITONER- White Noise machine has saved my sanity! I live in a noisy neighborhood near a busy highway. And I'm a very light sleeper. Any little noise wakes me out of a sound sleep. I didn't want to take sleeping pills because my lack of sleep was due to noise. I tried earplugs and didn't like not being able to hear my children if they needed me during the night. I purchased the MARPAC 980 SOUND CONDITONER- White Noise machine hoping that it would help me get a decent nights sleep. I has honestly changed my life! I now get a peaceful, solid nights sleep and can focus during the day instead of dragging through the day groggy from lack of sleep. This noise machine drowns out the loud traffic & dogs barking that was interupting my sleep. It did take a couple of night's for me to get used to but now I can't imagine trying to sleep without it.


Canton, OH


So good my family fights over it!


My husband needs white noise to sleep. He used to use a fan but I got too cold in the winter time with a fan blowing on high speed. So we got the MARPAC 980 Sound Conditioner. Finally, a solution we both can live with! My husband loves the constant white noise. I love the adjustable volume (shh, sometimes I turn it down when he is not in the room!) and its small size and neutral decor. When my daughter was colicky we realized she slept better with white noise. My husband gave up his "noise machine" so we could all sleep better. When she was about 4 he took it back and she would come in the room and steal it! She loves it as much as he does. Now we have two. The original machine is still performing beautifully after 10 years of use. If you need white noise, look no further. You will love this!


Milwaukee, WI


Marpac provides great white noise


We use the Marpac sound machine in our toddler's room. My mom gave it to us because they love theirs. We use it so that my toddler doesn't get woken up by noises in the rest of the house after he goes to bed and it works very well. It is rare that he is ever woken up and usually that is if something bumps into his wall. I think it is very soothing for him. We got one for the nursery for our new baby because we have liked him having it so much. We also use it when we go to visit family because it can get noisy in the rest of the house and that breaks up the noise. My parents use it because both of them snore and this makes it where they both can sleep better. The snoring was so bad that they had started sleeping in separate rooms but this really helps them so that they can both sleep in the same room. They always take it when they travel now. I like that you can control the volume. There aren't different sounds to select from but we don't need that. I also really like that it stays on as long as we want whereas a lot turn off after a period of time.


Burleson, TX


MARPAC 980 SOUND CONDITONER- White Noise machine

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