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MAC PRO Longwear Lipcolor - All Shades

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This Lipgloss Is A Highly Stressful Experience


I had heard so many good things about MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor that I could not way to try it out. MAC is a brand that I often find myself gravitating toward so I figured it had to be great! **Product Details** MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor is a double ended tube. One end has a color on it with an applicator wand and the other end has a clear gloss in it. You unscrew whichever side you want to use and then screw it back on to use the other side or put it away. **Product Performance** I tested out all of the colors at the MAC store by swatching on my hand and found one that I liked and purchased it. I could not wait to try it on my lips, so I opened the box, and quickly applied it. When I left the store, I had walked about 100 feet when my lips began to do the oddest thing- they started to hurt. I felt as if the skin on my lips was shrinking apart and so quickly that I started to panic. I tried to wipe off the lipstick, but it would not come off, and my lip skin was shrinking so quickly that it was starting to crack. I was very frantic and nothing I did seemed to be able to stop it from happening. I ran back to the MAC store and begged for help to remove this stuff from my lips. They put all different makeup removers on my lips which made them burn, so I almost went into a full blown panic. They could not believe how it reacted on my lips! Finally they found one makeup remover that worked, but my lips were wrecked for two days afterward **The Bottom Line** I have problems with some lip products which make my lips peel or dry out, but I rarely have had a problem as severe as I did with this Pro Longwear Lipcolor. Needless to say, I took mine back and refused to ever try it again.

Podunk, NY


amazing product from mac


i only have to say good things about this product. i really never beleived in purchasing high end lip products because i figured they are all the same and wear off after a couple of hours. but this one is a definelty exception. it lasts all day even after eating lunch and dinner. i can still see traces of this lip color on my lips. so it really is long lasting. there are also a coupke of colors to choose from so you will find a color that complimetns your skin tone. it is double ended so you can apply the color first then wait a while for it to try. then you apply the gloss that is connected on the other side of the tube. it applies very easily and very creamy. it is not drying on my lips and i feel that the gloss is not too glossy that makes it look like you are drooling but perfect amount for high shine effect. i would recommend this to anybody even though it is kind of on the expensive side, i will still repurchase because i love it that much!

roseville, CA


MAC PRO long wear lipcolor lasts all day!


As a gift my friend gave me a gift bag full of MAC cosmetics including **MAC PRO Long wear Lipcolor. **I was always complaining about not being able to find a good line of cosmetics and a longwear lipcolor was my number one complaint. All of the other long wearing lipcolor that I've used were either dry and hard to apply and would wear off within an hour or they were too creamy and messy and wore off even more quickly. MAC PRO long wear lipcolor is different than the others. It is easy to apply, it's creamy, and most importantly it really will last all day as long as you're not constantly sipping a drink or snacking. This lipcolor is moist and keeps my lips looking great all day. It comes in a nice selection of colors and isn't expensive so you can buy as many colors as you like. There are cheaper brands and there are more expensive brands but either way I think you're wasting money. MAC PRO long wear lipcolor is the absolute best!

Canton, OH


Truly long lasting lip color


When I was planning my makeup for my wedding, I knew Mac was the brand I could count on for high quality and long lasting performance. I went into the store and described what I was looking for--something I didn't have to touch up, that wouldn't rub off while drinking or kissing or eating, and something that wouldn't end up on my teeth. The Mac Pro Longwear Lipcolor performed better than I would have imagined. You apply the color, wait for it to dry, and then apply the gloss. The gloss does not penetrate the color and remove the color. Throughout the whole wedding day, I maybe put on the lip color two times, and in all the pictures my lip color looks great. My only criticism is that the gloss doesn't last nearly as long as the color, so the gloss needs to be reapplied frequently if you want the shine to last. Mac Pro Longwear Lipcolor is now the number one lipgloss I carry in my purse on special occasions or days I need longwearing lipcolor. It's a little pricey, but the color end of the lip product lasts for ages.

Minneapolis, MN


long lasting without drying your lips (too much)


If you're looking for a long lasting lipstick this one will do the trick and then some.  I expect all "long-lasting lipsticks" to dry my lips a bit and this one did that but not enough to discontinue its use or as much as others I had tried.  The gloss on top doesn't last that long but the tint below it is really long-lasting.  When I say long-lasting... I mean it lasts all day and through multiple meals without a problem.  I did have a couple issues with the product.  If you have some of the stain on your lips and try to re-apply, it clumps a bit.  Also, the colors are really limited and I could never find that perfect shade.  Take care when you apply it because it's a bit unforgiving if you slip outside the lines.  Lastly, you'll go through the gloss much faster than the stain which is a bit frustrating.  I do believe that MAC identified this issue though and you can buy additional gloss separately.  I found that I'd go through a tube of this product about twice as fast as a traditional tube of lipstick so it is a bit more expensive per application.

Norton, MA


Makes your lips feel dry


I really wanted to like the MAC Long Wearing Lipstick because I am a huge MAC fan. However, the lipstick I got started to "flake" on my lips after about four to five hours. While  it DOES stay on a long time and it doesn't settle into fine lines, it also is quite drying.. To be honest, the MAC version of longwearing lipsticks is quite comparable to drugstore brands such as Revlon or Cover Girl. You're supposed to apply the color, wait a few minutes for it to try, then put the gloss on top. You are also supposed to apply the gloss at regular intervals throughout the day. I've had many better MAC lipsticks, this was just not one of them. It made my lips grainy. This lipstick will probably work better for some people, but it's not for me. There are not many colors to choose from. Like I said, I love MAC's other lipsticks and lip glosses and I will continue to purchase MAC products, just not this one.

Arlington, TX


Love this line of Mac Lipstick


So i do not buy much lipstick but i do like wearing it when i am going out and this is what i always reach for in my cosmetic bag! i have yet to be dissappointed by MAC.  This truly lives up to its name for being long lasting.  I wore it out and did not have to reapply the entire night!! how great and fabolous is that?!?! and it did not try out my lips like other lipsticks that i have tried and been dissappointed by.  THey have a great selection of shades and they all look great on.  If you are looking for a great brand, then i highly reccommend this.  THey are a bit pricey but you do pay for what you get.  This would make a great birhtday or graduation gift and you can find a MAC counter in most Malls and some malls even have their own MAC store dedicated to just their prodcuts.  Again, its great and a lost a very long time and because of this a stick will last you a very long time.  Go buy one already!

Passaic, NJ


First time buyer for MAC Long Wearing Lipstick


This is my first time buying a MAC product and I am pretty pleased with the results. I had to reaply around 3am but I was taking a lot of drinks off glasses so it stayed on the whole time pretty much.

Vallejo, CA


MAC PRO Longwear Lipcolor - All Shades

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