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MAC Duo Fibre Brush #187

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MAC - Please don't ever discontinue this brush.


Ok, so I know I am a MAC girl. I'm a huge fan of their products, so it didn't surprise me when I came across this beauty of a brush! The MAC Duo Fibre Brush #187 is a brush that every girl absolutely needs in their makeup bag! It will change your life; well, at least the application of your makeup. I use this brush for foundation application; it puts the foundation on super evenly and smoothly; something a finger could never do! I also use this brush for powder application, because the lightness of the bristles gives a nice, even, powder application. MAC's brushes are certainly pricey, but makeup brushes are NOT something to be skimped on money-wise. They will last you forever, as long as you give them proper maintenance. MAC makes a really nice brush cleaner that smells amazing. It conditions the bristles so they stay fresh and last longer. When I run out of it, I use some moisturizer shampoo and warm water. It works like a charm! I highly recommend this brush; if you need to have ONE brush in your makeup bag, this is it! Don't hesitate because of the price; it will last you way longer than cheaper brushes!




This brush is great for stippling liquid foundation!


I use Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet + liquid foundation and I was in the market for a foundation brush to use, because I started to dislike the idea of using my fingers (which I was previously doing). I did not really like the finish that a regular foundation brush gave me, so I took to the web so search for other options. I came upon this brush, the MAC Duo Fibre brush (#187) and read great reviews. I heard that it gave you a nice airbrushed finish when used with liquid foundation, so I decided to give it a try! WOW! It really does give you an airbrushed look! What I do is pour a little bit of foundation on the back of my left hand, dip the brush in and then stipple it all over my face with my right hand. I find that I use a lot less foundation this way, than I did when I was using my fingers! It's really easy to blend, too. I have two of these brushes, the other one I use when applying Smashbox Radiance blush. It is a great blush for applying just a little color if you're using a bright colored blush. Go get one!!


Hondo, TX


Duo FIbre for an airbrushed look


The MAc #187 brush is a duo fibre brush with natural black fibers as well as white synthetic fibers. The reason why this make up brush works so well for applying makeup is that the synthetic fibers will not absorb your liquid foundation. To use this, you need to get some foundation on the brush and stipple the foundation onto your face. Afterwards, blend in circles. This brush really helps to give you that airbrushed looks. No more streaks or cakey looking makeup. For powder foundation, I think it is better to use a natural fiber kabuki, but for liquid foundation, this brush is great. I also like it for apply and blending blush, but use a separate one for blush and foundation. Yes, this brush is expensive. There are other similar brushes made by other brands out there, but from what I've seen of more inexpensive verison, they are not dense at all, so they don't work as well. MAC also has a mini version of this often in their limited edition seasonal brushes. A few years ago, the mini versions were not too bad. However, I've notcied that around last year or so, the limited edition version is very sparse, so they don't work very well either. Try looking for one at a local Cosmetic Company Outlet. Beware of buying these online though as there are many fakes out there.


Los Angeles, CA


expensive but totally worth it


Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that for your make up to look its best you should definitely use brushes and not just your hands. Specially when doing your eyes and your blush a good brush is the key. MAC brushes sure are pricey but they are totally worth it in my opinion. They are high quality and they last a really long time if you take good care of them. What I do is everytime I have a little extra cash I buy a brush and that way I have built my collection over time and now I have all the brushes I will ever need.. or at least for a long time I won't have to buy new ones. The bristles are soft but sturdy at the same time. And each brush does its job to perfection. This one specifically, the duo fibre brush, is multi purpose. You can use it for both powder or cream products. I use it for cream blush and it does a wonderful job because it applies the perfect amount of product in exactly the place you want it.


North Brunswick, NJ


Amazing quality, amazing product!


Wow, I love this brush! I am usually *very* frugal, but decided to buy this brush on a whim. I'm used to applying my foundation, but I'm converted! This brush is magical! I just put some foundation on the back of my hand, gently dab the brush into the foundation and dot it on my face. Then I swirl the brush around and I end up with very full coverage. When I use this brush, the coverage is more even and looks more natural than ever before, it's kind of a miracle. This is coming from someone who is not a huge makeup buff, by the way. As with most nice things, they require maintenance. I would highly recommend cleaning this brush on a regularly basis because it can get kind of gross fast. But that's better for your skin anyway so it's all good. Finally, when I first bought this brush, there were a lot of hairs that would end up on my face. I've been told this is actually pretty uncommon for Mac brushes, but it was annoying for a bit. 


Seattle, WA


A great brush for foundation!


The MAC Duo Fiber #187 brush is my current everyday foundation brush. I use it to first stipple on my liquid foundation and then I move it in circles around my face to smooth everything out before I set it with powder. It really works amazing for this and doesn't soak up and waste the makeup the way a sponge often does. These brushes are fairly high priced, but you indeed get what you pay for, and I have faith that it'll last a long time so long as I take care of it properly. Besides the high price, the only downside I've really found is the fact that it still sheds bristles onto my face even after being used for months, which then sticks to the wet makeup. Annoying? Yes. But not a deal-breaker for me. You also have to wash these brushes, since they are not disposable like a sponge would be. So to clean them you can either use the brush cleaner than MAC sells or a gentle soap, like baby shampoo or Dawn dishwashing liquid. They are top of the line great brushes though, and I would recommend them to anyone that can afford their high price tag.


Independence, KS


If you're serious about a flawless finish, look no further


At first, I didn't believe the hype over this brush.  Just how much can a brush do?  I had already tried the Flirt equivalent of this brush and it was adequate.  My opinion on the 187 (or the "Don King" as it was lovingly called at my former local counter), changed the day I went to a MAC class where the MA used this brush on me.  WOW! This little work-horse can be used to buff liquid, stick, and airbrush foundation to a flaweless finish in short time.  It can be used to apply any emollient product to the face, and it works like a dream with powder products too! Previously, I had always had a difficult time applying liquid foundation, but this brush changed that.  I apply a very small amount to the back of my hand, use the brush to apply and buff, and finish any small needed areas by buffing with a sponge.  Although pricey, this is a good investment if you are serious about having a beautiful finish to your foundation.  If cared for correctly, this brush will last indefinetly.  I use MAC brush cleanser or baby shampoo, and make sure that the brush is dried while laying flat.  I have had no shedding issues of any kind with this brush.  If you find that this brush is too large for you, check out the smaller (mini-Don King) 182.


Las Vegas, NV


MAC Duo Fibre Brush #187

5.0 7