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mark. Go With The Pro Mini Brush Kit 153-645

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this so good


i love it



the most smartest Mini Brush Kit


omg!! even if i wasnt a mark. representative i would still say this product is awesome! a 5 piece makeup brush set thats mini and you can take it with you anywhere. there's a lip brush that you can use for lip gloss and lip stick. another makeup brush is the eyeliner brush, which you can use for any type of eyeliner or even eyeshadow. just dip the brush into some water and make it damp. it works wonders!! (lol) there's also the powder brush in which you can also use for blush, face powder, or powder foundation as well as bronzer. a concealer brush is also included which you can use for concealer or a eyelid primer. it works well both ways :D and lastly there's the eyeshadow brush which is kinda fluffly and works well with mineral eyeshadow since you have to just dab it on.


Downey, CA


Little brushes, big results.


I have a secret obsession with mark. The whole line is simply impossible *not* to collect. Everything is colorful, cute as it gets and very easily portable, especially my Go With The Pro Mini Brush Kit. It's easy to be skeptical of this little powerhouse--its miniature stature makes it look a little too much like the cheap plastic stuff you might find at certain accessory mall boutiques that cater to tween girls. Don't buy into this--the kit is a superb quality set of the most necessary makeup brushes folded into a little wallet that is also very well constructed. The blush brush is remarkably plusha nd soft and blends beautifully, as does the shadow brush. The unexpected winner, however, is the eyeliner brush that takes a shadow and smudges it out for the most gorgeous smoky look. I find wet liner brushes all the time, but this kind that can lay down a concentrated line of shadow doesn't come about easily. This little set can replace all the big bulky brushes for traveling, and fits into the most compact purse. I have had my kit for four years and it's still in the best shape!


Buffalo, NY


Love these!


If you don't yet have any makeup brushes, or aren't in love with the ones that you do have, this is a great kit to start with. It has some great quality brushes that will get you through you makeup application from start to finish. I still use most of these brushes everyday, and have simply purchased some special brushes on the side for an added affect I am trying to reach. You won't regret this purchase!


Dayton, OH


I love this i got to have it all the time


This brush kit comes with a bag to put all of your brushes in it. it is small and easy to fit it in to your purse or if you are like me leave it in the console of your car. So you will always have it. it has the Bigger brush for like your blush, it has a smaller brush for your eye shadow, and a smaller then that brush for touch ups or even use it for the under the eyes for alittle color and then you got a lipstick brush and a medium sized brush. It does not cost all that much either and it is totally worth the cost as long as your happy with the quality and the product right. It is Great for people who has to be on the move or the road alot or goes on business or trips like vaction, because it is just so small in the size you can pack it any where in your other make up bag, car, suite case, purse just where ever and just try it for your self. tell us all what you think am i right or what?


Stopover, KY


Don't leave home without it!


I have to say I absolutely love these brushes! They are quality and the mini bag they come in is perfect! All brushes include a plastic cover so you don't have to worry about your lip gloss getting on your other brushes. The case it comes in is soooo cute. The kit includes a blush brush, lip gloss brush, eye shadow/shading brush, concealer brush and my favorite and eyeliner brush. The eyeliner brush is great if you just mnoisten the tip and slide across eyeshadow it compliments perfect and you don't get the bad look liquid eyeliner gives. The brushes are small since they are travel brushes. They make full size ones for home. To be honest I have two sets one I keep at home and use daily and one I keep in my purse because you just never know when you are going to need it! These brushes are made with the finest bristles and are sooooo soft you won't be dissappointed. Overall, I would highly recommend and the price is good to. I have had my keep at home set for 3 years now and they are still good as new. Buy them as soon as you can. If you can't find a Mark rep the great thing is if you go on thier website *meetmark* you can go to the find a rep page and they willl take you directly to thier page and you can order from thier website. It's a great product and you won't be dissappointed!


Thurmont, MD


mark. Go With The Pro Mini Brush Kit 153-645

5.0 6