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Lusti Organics
Lusti Organics Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion

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sooths dry itchy scalp


Lusti Organics is a brand I am beginning to trust. This is the third prodcut from this company that I am very satisfied with. Lusti Organics Oil Moiturizer Hair Lotion is non greasy. It eliminates dryness. And also softens my hair and leaves it shiney. And I have noticed less hair in my coms and btushes so it definately helps with hair ythat is brittle and breaks easily. Lusti Organics Oil Moisturizer is compatable with Lusters Pink Oil Moisturtizer. (Except it costs a little less. I did a review on that product and stated that every other brand of pink hair lotion except Lusters came out watery and left my hair slick. Today I state that Lusi Organics Oil Moisturizer(which is pink) is very thick. it does not run or leave my hair looking like I just got soaked in the rian. This product soothed my scalp and moisturized my hair without sticky buildup or excess oil coming out while combing. This product has been designed to restore strenght and natural moisture to hair while protecting fro damage from sun and wind. Daily use makes my hair softer and easier to manage. This prouct is formulated for coarse dry Aftrican American hair. While the bottle states it is for all hair types, I do believe they mean within the range of kinky course Afrtican American hair as most other hair types are not as dry or kinky.

Roanoke, VA


Lusti Organics Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion

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