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Logitech S715i Rechargeable iPod & iPhone Speaker

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i would like to buy this product because it was perfect


this product is very simple to use . For me it was one of the best products of apple . I found this phone Neat .

TN . bekalta


Great sound in a small speaker


This is an awesome speaker. It is sleek and small, so it looks great on a counter without taking up too much room. It is also super portable and can go wherever you do. I have found the battery life to be amazing, it definitely goes for the 8 hours the speaker advertises and there have been times when I am shocked that it still has battery left. Sound quality is great, especially when plugged into the wall. You would not expect that much sound to come from such a small package. The bass and quality is slightly reduced when using battery, but I don't mind this because it is not noticeable enough to be a problem and it lets the battery last that much longer. This is intended for the 30 pin ipods and iphones, so if you have a lightning you will need to have an adapter. Overall this is a fantastic speaker that I have already recommended to many friends and family members. You won't regret your purchase!



The best sound from a small, rechargable ipod speaker


I liked it so much I bought a second one for another location Sound Quality Good overall but very good for this type of portable Ipod and mobile phone speaker Compatibility plug and play. Ease of Use Rechargable! Also has a small remote control Durability Seems solid but too soon to know. Design light and thin

New York, NY


Great sound for such a small speaker


I received it as a gift last year to use with my iPod and I love it. I have it in the kitchen most of the time but I love that it is rechargeable so I can take it on the go as well. It comes with a small remote which is a nice bonus feature. It sounds great and has good highs and lows. It puts out a good amount of sound and I think it always sounds great! The only improvement that I can think of would have to do with the stabilizing foot of the back that tends to fold up too easily.

West Lebanon, NH


Great speakers


I did a lot of research before purchasing my Logitech speaker dock for my iPod Touch. I really wanted a Bose system, but they were not as portable as I wanted and way too expensive. In the end I decided on the Logitech speakers and I have been happy with them.  The sound is great out of this little system. I was actually very impressed when I first heard it in the store. The speakers are very portable, and they even come with a case to make it easy for traveling. The remote is another awesome feature. It's so nice to not have to get out of bed to change songs or volume when I'm listening to music. The battery is my favorite feature. It can last up to 8 hours which is awesome. I can take it in the car and any other place while traveling and not have to worry about needing an outlet.  I've only had one issue with my speakers since I bought them last April. For some reason, it stopped 'seeing' my iPod after I connected it, so I had to send them in to the company. They sent me a new system free of cost. Great customer service! I highly recommend this product. 

Columbus, OH


Logitech S715i Rechargeable iPod & iPhone Speaker

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