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Live Well Vitamins and Supplements Center

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Live Well Vitamins and Supplement Center - GNC Rocks.


I like GNC for its conveience and ease to get to and to shop.  Everything is easy to find and the staff tends to be knowledgeable as they work there longer they seem to be able to give better insight to oroducts especially new products that I read about in the magazines.  The store is a bit pricey however the gold card does make it a bit easier and I end up planning ahead as to what I'll spend there.  I don't really shop online for them.  I would rather go into the store and talk through my nutritional needs with an employee that knows there stuff than just read it online.  A lot of the employees that I've talked with are also avid users of the products themselves as well as exercise.  I like knowing that they not only have read about the products talked to folks about them, but also use them as well.  I wish that stuff was cheaper or that they had more things that I could sample through the mail before buying, but thats true of just about anything.

Baytown, TX


GNC's web page about vitamins and supplements is informative


**Live Well Vitamins and Supplements Center** provides detailed information about 26 of the top vitamins and supplements. This web page is concise, informative, organized, and easy to use. This website is funded by GNC, but the informational section does not appear to be biased toward a manufacturer in my eye. Viewers may choose which font size to view the information by clicking on a choice of three different sizes near the top right-hand corner, which I thought was a nice touch. The first page lists the 26 vitamins and supplements, which are hyperlinked to another page when you click on them. See below for a list of the nutrients. Once you click on a particular vitamin or supplement, the next page will detail the item with information such as: 1. **A definition, **which seemed a bit vague to me on several of the nutrients. 2. **Uses of that vitamin/supplement**, including risks of low levels and populations more at risk for low levels. This section had pretty good information written in terms that most people could understand. 3. **Dose and Instructions for Use**, including multiple age groups for children and adults, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women. Some include a tolerable upper intake level, such as vitamin C. It also lists an upper limit for some nutrients, for example, magnesium. I like the way it showed the various ages in table format and recognized that some vitamins do have an upper limit. 4. **Food Sources** that are rich in that nutrient, including information on some regarding cooked versus fresh foods. This seemed helpful and went into a bit of detail. For instance, under potassium it mentioned examples of nuts, such as almonds and peanuts, that are good sources of that nutrient. It also mentioned other sources, such as sunlight for vitamin D, within this section. 5. **Warnings** including: - Side effects - Interactions - Warnings (populations that should avoid these supplements) - Symptoms of overdose Nutrients included on this informative site include: - Apple Cider Vinegar - Black Cohosh - Calcium - Chromium - Coenzyme Q10 - Creatine - Fiber - Folic Acid - Ginseng - Glucosamine - Iron - Magnesium - Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Potassium - Probiotics - Red Yeast rice - Selenium - St. John's Wort - Tea Tree Oil - Vitamin A - Vitamin B12 - Vitamin C - Vitamin D - Vitamin E - Vitamin K - Zinc **My Viewpoint:** I've looked at quite a number of websites related to multivitamins and nutritional supplements, and this web page compiles quite a bit of information into a single place. Although I'm a little leery of an informative website that is funded by a manufacturer, I do think this site has some great basic information about quite a few vitamins and supplements. I know very little about some of the supplements; however, I'm a nurse and administer quite a few vitamins and minerals to my patients, and the information about those nutrients seems to be fairly consistent with what I know about them. It would be a nice touch to have a printer-friendly version of each supplement. Overall, I'd say it is an average website.

Piedmont, NC


Live Well Vitamins and Supplements Center

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