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Lexmark Interpret All-In-One Printer S405

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Good and bad qaulities


Overall, is a good printer but has some issues after awhile Performance The scan quality is excellent of you need that. You can see everything on your laptop or desktop. Copy Quality The paper got jammed quite frequently. I eventually had to get rid of it because it would not print properly. Ink/Paper Use The ink can be expensive and prints quickly, but it has issues with the paper outlet, does not recognize or keep paper aligned properly. Ease of Use It is extremely easy to use considering the sophistication. Durability It is a heavy printer but very durable. Design I think this printer is awesome to look at. It is sophisticated, prints quickly, and does amazing scan work, just be careful with the paper printing. I would definitely get a warranty if you get this printer.



Wonderfully easy and affordable


Plug and play setup. Easy ink change. Wireless options. User friendly performance and great customer service. This printer has it all. So easy to get to know and all at an affordable price. Better than the HP printers I used to use. The ink usage is better, the ink is more affordable ( I use the generic replacements) and no wasting. Has an ECO setting that saves on electricity and print options that will save on ink. Great for first time buyers as well. Copies and scans easily with prompts to help you through things you may not understand. Cleaning and maintaining the product is user friendly as well. Cleaning the printer heads does not consume as much ink as with the HP versions. Very little waste at all on this model. Comes with a photo program that is so wonderful, loads with any camera and has all the editing options you need for small jobs. Has upgrade options for software and automatic reorder and shipping of ink products if you wish.

Mesa, AZ


This Lexmark Printer is Adequate


Well, I got this Lexmark wireless printer to replace a printer that needed to go to another location. This printer is wireless, which is a feature I did not have previously and it is absolutely fantastic. We have two laptops and one desktop connected to it and every PC can now print from anywhere in our house. It was fairly simple to hook up the hardware and then figure out how to make all the connections and set up the features through the front LED panel. The manual was easy to use too. Putting in paper and replacing ink is also easy to do. We got this printer because it had the added feature of changing only the specificf colors of ink individually. We can now be very efficient in our ink usage, since when one color runs out, we don't have to replace a partially full ink cartridge. I also like that this printer shows the ink levels every time you print. The speed of printing on this Lexmark is not as quick as I would like. It seems to take a long time to get started on the initial print job and then it prints at a fairly good speed. The ink is also very reasonably priced, but I had hoped it would last a little longer.

Trenton, NJ


Lexmark S405 has one irritating feature!


This printer is affordable and prints, scans and copies fine, but there is one very irritating feature about this printer that makes me give it an "average" rating. Despite the fact that each ink cartridge is seperate (and also surprisingly affordable for printer ink), if one ink cartridge runs out the entire printer WILL NOT print. So, if the yellow ink runs out, you can not just opt to print in black until you get a new cartridge. Nope. No printing for you! I have contacted the company to let them know how insanely disappointing this feature is. It's unnecessary! I missed an important deadline because suddenly the printer wouldn't print for me--and I only needed it to print in black ink, I didn't need the color. I wouldn't actually recommend this model because of that.

Lancaster, PA


Best Printer I have owned


All I can say it this printer is awesome.  I use it for grad school as well as for my son's school projects and overall household use.  I love each option I have tried which is all but the faxing option.  I have scanned items and they have reproduced with excellent quality.  I have also copied many articles and assignments as well as created titles and blurbs for a poster presentation.  And I LOVE the picture printing quality.  I love the feature where you can actually print out a proof sheet of all the prints on the sd card or other media card you insert into the printer and then scan the proof sheet after selecting what pictures you want on the sheet, to get some high quality pictures.  My only complaint is the ink goes fast and it is expensive to replace as often as you have to replace it.  I have gotten the XL formula for the black ink and it seems to be lasting longer than the regular, but the color lasted me maybe 3-4 weeks at a time.

Harrisburg, PA


the lexmark interpret s405 is ideal for home use by the new comp


this printer is great for the home. you can fax and copy without running to the print shop andyou save the fees.the price is right especially if you find a sale on the lexmark interpret s405. the onlycomplaint is price of the ink cartridges.

Hunker, PA


Lexmark S405 Wireless printer


I went wireless with my home  computer several years ago but continue the wired printer.  I finally stepped up and bought a wireless printer.  I did quite a bit of research and found the Lexmark was the right product for our family computer, we have 3 wireless laptops.  I have found the printer to be outstanding and am very glad i purchased it.  I would give it 5 STARS... I love the convenience of not having all those wire and the quality of the print job is outstanding.  I also print pictures from home and the quality is also good. 

Surprise, AZ


Lexmark Interpret All-In-One Printer S405

3.9 7