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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X5250

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Great Printer I love it


I have had this printer for years and it still works as good as it did the day that i bought it. The cartridges for the ink are semi pricey but it is worth it. It is an older brand of Lexmarx printer but it has worked great for me. I have used the scanner for all of my old pictures and they print great they also have a little better quality than the origional photos. I have used this printer to print off pictures and legal documents and also for printing off everything that I have needed to for school. I have had the printer for about six years and have not had any problems with it. It has gotten a lot of use and the scanner still works the copier has also been used a lot and it still works as good as the day that I bought it. I would definitely reccommend this printer to anyone who wants a printer that will last a long time and that works great for years. If you are looking to buy a new printer go out and get yourself a Lexmarx. 

Twin Falls, ID


lexmark x5250 all-in-one, simple is sometimes best


Lexmark x5250 all-in-one is the first "does it all" printer i've had.  It was a gift from a relative/friend.  The disc did not come with it so i had to download the driver from lexmark's website.  This was easy.  Just type in the model and it downloaded everything i needed.  A tuturial made learning how to use it easy.  one click and go.  It will not only print, but copy, which comes in handy when you don't live somewhere where copies are easily found.  It also scanns.  I have been able to scan old family photos and it will automatical upload it, and a special feature will let you clean up the picture and you are able to share photos old and new with friends and family. It's ease of use was wonderful.  First hook-up and i was ready to go.  you realy don't even need to read a book or tuturial on it.  That's a big bonus for those who might be computer challanged.  The lexmark name is one i trust to begin with.  Ink is easy to find.

Flatgap, KY


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X5250

4.5 2