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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X1240

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Love this printer


I love this printer!  It is very easy to use, the ink is very easy to find.  The only drawback that I have found is that it doesn't print high quality pictures.  The scanner and copier are very easy to use.  I love being able to have all these at my finger tips instead of having to run out to get copies made.  I would recommend this printer.  It is very cheap and works great!

Irwin, IA


Affordable, and very easy to use printer!


Ever since we bought this printer, we have had a great experience with it. It is easy to use for scanning, copying and printing. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. It is great being able to scan things, copy things for my husbands college courses, and print anything we need to print.

Fort Worth, TX


Nice little printer


I bought this printer last year, I love the fact that it does everything I need it to do.  I can put my memory card in the slot and it downloads my pictures to my computer.  It did take me awhile to figure it out, thank goodness I have grandchildren lol.  I think the hardest thing on it for me was loading the cartridges, but she did it for me and I have learned how to do it myself, I worry more about breaking something when I am doing it myself.  Pictures turn out very nice, but as with all printers they use a lot of ink.  Cartridges are expensive, but if you shop around you can almost afford one.  Another thing, I think they could improve how the paper goes it, sometimes it goes side ways and messes up.  I have no problems scanning items, I have a lot of things to scan in our farming business and like to make duplicates of all our bills.  Good buy for the money.

Shelby, OH


The Lexmark X1240 Does Everything but the Dishes!


I would recommend this printer to anyone who has a small business or at home business as the all-in-one aspect is priceless.  I have recommended this product to others who have at home small business, as well as family members and friends.  The price was just right, the size of the printer is perfect and serves all my needs both personally and professionally.  The only drawback I have found is it has been difficult at times to find the printer cartridges.  Overall this is a very nice piece of office equipment and I would recommend it. 

Jacksboro, TX


A printer for my everyday needs i cant live without it!!!


I have found this printer very simple to use it is excellent for everyday use... i bought this printer for my kids for projects and homework and i must say my 8 yr old find's it east to use and does a great job i would recomment this for k to 12th grade a college student would probably need soemthing more..

Richmond Hill, NY


What a waste of money!


I got this printer a couple of years ago as a Christmas present.  I was very excited to have a compact all in one.  I really thought having the scanner and copier in addition to the printer would come in handy.  What I did not account for was that the entire machine would have problems within weeks.  FIrst, we started having compatibility issues with WIndows Vista.  The drivers would not download and then the printer would not install.  I finally got that resolved.  Well the next problem was the scanner would not always scan the entire flatbed and cut off a lot of the image.  Fine... Well here is the real kicker, the printer does not like to pull paper.  Yep that's right, it hates to take paper in to print.  And when it does pull it through, often the paper pulls crooked requiring multiple attempts for one presentable page.  Most recently the printer has decided that, even with fresh cartridges, it just does not want to put ink on the paper.  This printer is a waste of money and a hunk of junk in my opinion

Coweta, OK


Great AIO machine by Lexmark!


The Lexmark X1240 All in one printer scanner machine is great! First off, it is completely inexpensive and affordable. Considering my dislike of All in one machines overall, I was glad I could find one that was inexpensive in case it broke or something else happened to it. Despite the price, it looks really nice and is extremely functional. I was impressed and surprised. The machine is very easy to use and I have not had any major or minor troubles with it since purchasing it a few months back. The only downside is that this machine is pretty strictly for document printing and does not do greatly with color, particularly with like photographs and images. I think you would need a more specialized, expensive, and comprehensive printer to be able to print those kinds of things. Overall, I would definitively recommend the Lexmark X1240 All in one printer scanner machine to anyone in the market to replace their old one.

Pikesville, MD


I own A Lexmark X1240


I had an older Lexmark at one point, and i guess it did me fine for the most part, but still had its little kinks. I now have a Lexmark X1240 and it keeps messing up on me, when i print something, it comes out all smuged or its too dark, or too light, the printer itself is fine, its just those dang ink cartridges that keep on messing up on me, maybe the ink had been sitting to long, and the ink dried up on me, resulting in why my printouts are coming out the way they have been coming out. But i dont want to very well keep going out and buying those ink cartridges, because there very expense, but i guess i have to get better results. And for the most part I would say the Lexmark is a good brand, and I would recommend buyers to buy lexmark printers, and there not that expensive too. Now what else should i say about the lexmark printer. Well I like the way they look, and now i only have to type a few more words, Thank you, good bye.

Redding, CA


This Lexmark all -n- one Printer is superior !


I find this printer to be trustworthy. I have never had a problem with its performance. Easy to control paper jams and ink lasts the normal amount of time. I find the only thing that I wish could be improved is the prices for ink cartridges. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone. Another thing that I find great in quality is the scanner features in has it extremely easy to use. The charts that come with the printer is easy for anyone to put together. Photos are almost perfect quality. I like the ability to have them saved in the program without having to search the whole computer to access them.

Ellsworth, ME


Value Printer all-in-one


I've had this printer for a few years. The price is reasonable and ink price is fair. The quality of the prints are good. I print a lot of coupons and have never had an issue with the bar codes not scanning, so I would say the prints are clear. The scanning feature is great for making copies or scanning in print photos to post online. This printer is lightweight. After a few years of use, it still works great! The only reason I want to replace it is because I really want a wireless printer. My only gripe is they printing software program will notify you you are low in ink at about the halfway empty mark. I find I can continue printing long after the program notifies me my ink is low. One great thing about Lexmark printers is if you replace your computer or have to reformat (or buy the printer used) and don't have the original CD with the drivers on it, you can find all the Lexmark brand printer drivers on their website.

Orange City, FL


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X1240

3.7 24