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Levothyroxine Thyroid Hormone

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keeps you sick


Levothyroxine kept me sick for 22 years. I always felt like I woke up with a hangover in the morning. I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did. I was never hungry. Then I started to research it. It turns out that I wasn't alone. A lot of other patients had the same problem with levothyroxine. I was bedridden. My hair was falling out. Then I started to get asthma attacks. I was just getting worse on this drug. I felt like I was being poisoned. It turns out Levothyroxine has acacia in it, which is tree gum. If you are allergic to trees and pollen then you will have problems with this drug. The longer I was on it, the worse my symptoms were getting. The doctors don't give you other options, so I didn't know that there were other medicines out there to help hypothyroidism. I was so tired of being so sick, I started to do my own research, and I learned about Nature-Throid. I started Nature-Throid last week and I feel so much better and lost weight.




Much better results with Levothyroxine as compared to Synthroid.


I am very happy that this particular version of Synthroid exists for two reasons: 1) My insurance covers this version and it is A LOT cheaper compared to Synthroid; 2) I react better to this one as compared to the Synthroid.  My thyroid levels have been "normal" since my doctor adjusted them 3 years ago, which was a HUGE blessing because I thought I was going nuts.  Thankfully it was just my hormones were out of wack at tad...now I am all better and carrying a stead weight for 3 years now.  What a praise!!! 


Apo, AE


u will feel better within a day or 2


I began taking Levothyroxine 50 mcg on July 3rd, after my blood test revealed that my thyroid levels were low. I felt immediately better within the first two days of taking the medicine. I was a lot less sluggish and had more energy to do everyday activities, including exercising which I often had to force myself to do before starting the medication. The medicine also seemed to suppress my appetite somewhat, which I was very happy about. Within about nine days I lost nine pounds, but I was also taking phentermine at the same time as this medicine so I am not sure how much was contributing to both my improved moods, my increase of energy and the supressing of my appetite. Probably a combination of both medications. I have not noticed any side effects so far, which is good because my doctor said that I may need to stay on this medicine for the rest of my life if it is the only way to regulate the thyroid to a normal level. I would recommend this to anyone who has a low thyroid level. Not having any of the possible side effects and am feeling much better after just a few days on the med!!  


Metairie, LA


Thyroid medications can make you gain weight.


Levothyroxine is the generic form of Synthroid and does not always works as well.  I have tried several different types of thyroid medications and find that one must really be aware of the side effects of this drug.  This medication is a nightmare if you are trying to lose weight, several people I have talked with have experienced a problem with weight gain while on this medication.  There are also several other side effects and you must be careful when taking other over the counter medications and prescriptions. If you are trying to lose weight and are taking this medication try talking to your Doctor to see if something better is available to you.  Unfortunately, if you have thyroid disease, you must take some form of this medication for the rest of your life. The generic form does not always have the same amount of medication per lot either and can vary per perscription.  Be sure to keep up on your Doctor visits and ask for your numbers when you go.  Have regular blood tests and read all you can about any medication you may be taking. You can lose weight on this, but it is much harder and requires alot more determination.


Baldwinsville, NY


Don't suffer! There's an effective treatment for hypothyroidism.


***Quick View:*** I shun most medications but I will never miss my dose of **Levothyroxine**. An underactive thyroid causes all kinds of issues and this hormone replaces what your thyroid doesn't produce. It's a literal life saver for many people. ***My Story*** About five years ago, I started gaining weight. I have been thin all my life and never was overweight but suddenly I was 146 pounds, the highest weight ever - even while pregnant. My hair was falling out in alarming amounts and I was so exhausted, all I did was sleep. I knew something wasn't right but had no idea what. My heart would often do flips and speed up then slow down and I was freezing all the time. I went to my doctor who took tests and said everything seemed OK and that I was probably very stressed and my symptoms were from that. I had heart tests and other tests and everything was OK. But it really wasn't. A month later, I went back to my doctor and told him there was something really wrong and I wasn't going to lay it all on stress. He retested my blood and it came back that I was slightly low in thyroid hormones. My doctor generally didn't give synthetic thyroid hormones to someone just under the limit but, considering my symptoms, put me on the lowest dose of **Levothyroxine**. Three weeks later, my hair stopped falling out. My weight was down by 12 pounds. I was not sleeping as much and my heart was less erratic. Two months later, I was my old self. Since then, my thyroid numbers have slipped and my medication has been increased four times. I have Hashimoto's Disease, which is a scary name for my thyroid doesn't make enough of the hormone I need to stay on an even keel physically. My body literally is attacking my thyroid as if it were a foreign body rather than a necessary gland. I will never be able to go off of **Levothyroxine** and I will need to be monitored every six months forever. But I feel fine. As long as I replace my thyroid hormones that aren't being produced by my body with **Levothyroxine**, I am just fine. My weight stays where it should be, my hair stays on my head, I am not freezing, and my heart beats along without notice from me. I am not a fan of medications but I strongly believe that anyone who has hypothyroidism should take **Levothyroxine** or one of its name brands. It will make all the difference between living a miserable life and possibly being quite ill, and feeling just fine and being able to do everything and anything you want. And the side effects? There are none to speak of. Generally, the only time there are any is if you take too much. You will feel shaky and your heart will pound fast and you will experience other unpleasant symptoms which is why it is essential to be on the correct dose. ***My Viewpoint*** I welcome my six month blood work and want to be sure that my thyroid is working as it should. My dose of **Levothyroxine** has remained the same for a couple of years and it looks like I may level off at this dose for quite a while. That's fine with me. I am just happy to be myself again. By the way, hypothyroidism runs in families and my brother and father both are/were treated for it so, if someone in your family has an underactive thyroid, let your doctor know so he or she can watch for signs and symptoms of the disease. It creeps up slowly and masks itself as many other things. I am pleased as punch with **Levothyroxine** and will take it for life with no hesitations. ***5 stars for being ME again!***


The heart of , NY


Takes time, but once you get the dosage right, it WORKS.


For those of you that have heard the myth that synthroid or levothyroxine can be a weight loss tool, please don't use this medication for that purpose. Levothyroxine is a prescription medication for a reason and it can have some serious side effects if you are taking excessive thyroid. Anyway after that disclaimer, I must say that levothyroxine has been a life saver for me. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism almost two years ago. I had atypical symptoms of a sufferer: weight loss, lethargy, lack of energy, excessive sleeping, inability to get out of bed, and brain fog. I was underweight and had lost about 20 pounds so my doctors were very hesitant to diagnose me with hypothyroidism and prescribe me levothyroxine. I even went to the Mayo Clinic for a week of diagnostic testing before they gave me this medicine. However, once I got on the medicine I slowly began to recover. It did take time. I had to closely monitor my dosages and my thyroid levels. At one point I became hyperthyroid because of too high of a dosage. That was a miserable time for me. Taking too much levothyroxine cause me to have insomnia, dizzy spells, extreme anxiety, and panic attacks. So while there can be terrible side effects, if the dosage is right, levothyroxine can work wonders. I now have been at stable, normal thyroid levels for 6 months and I have no symptoms of thyroid disease. I admit it was frustrating to get to this point with dosage problems, but stick with it and don't give up on it. Also, you have to take it on an empty stomach and one hour before eating anything. It also is sensitive to foods in your diet so talk with your doctor about your diet as well (soy, cauliflower, broccoli, and other foods can slow the effects of levothyroxine).  


Minneapolis, MN


help with no side affects


Hello, I have been taking levothyroxine for several months now.  I am just so pleased that there are no harsh side affects like with most drugs on the market.  I have had to take prescriptions in the past but stopped because of the issues they had presented like weight gain ect... This drug actually has no side affects.  Has helped me with my weight control.  Well I have not gained anymore, unfortuanatley it has not helped me loose anyweight.  If you are thinking about taking this drug for that don't it won't help.  Only exercise and diet will help with that.  The only thing that really annoys me about this prescription is that I have to take it an hour before I eat anything so my morning schedule has been interupted.  I used to get up have coffee and a small breakfast now I have to skip all that.  I have my own business and start appointments sometimes early so this makes it so I don't get a chance to eat until late in the day after returning home.  Unless I getup extra early... Again this is the only downfall..


Pittsburgh, PA


May Have to Switch to Synthroid


The past few years have been challenging for me and my thyroid.  First, I developed  multiple nodules on the right side of the gland and had to have it removed.  I lost my voice for 6 months following that surgery.  A year later, my remaining lobe had enlarged so much that I had a softball-sized goiter that had displaced my trachea, making it difficult to breathe.  It, too, had suspicious nodules and had to be surgically removed.  So now, I am completely without a thyroid.  My physician put me on **Levothyroxine Thyroid Hormone** and told me to take one every day and I would be fine.  Well, sort of. Levothyroxine is a generic form of **Synthroid** and provides the vital hormones my body needs but doesn't receive because I no longer have a thyroid gland.  I had suffered noticeable hair-thinning, cold hands and feet, fatigue, and weight gain even before I started the Levothyroxine therapy.  However, I soon began to notice that the symptoms were getting worse--not better.  In particular, I developed symptoms of *Raynaud's syndrome*--my hands became ice-cold and went through a 3-color cycle.  First, the palms of my hands turned white (diminished blood supply), then blue (lack of oxygen), and finally they would become beet-red and throb (reopened blood vessels). To complicate matters further, I also suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, so it's not always easy to know which symptom to blame on which disease. I lived with these issues for six weeks until my lab tests came back.  It turned out I was getting too much thryoid medicine in my system, so my endocrinologist decreased my dosage by the same increment that corresponded to my lab results.  She assumed this would fix the problem, and it did help somewhat.  However, it turns out that another 6 weeks later and I'm still getting too much hormone.  I am now on my third try, and if this doesn't work, she wants me to switch to Synthroid. Apparently, Levothyroxine works very well for many individuals.  Because it's a generic equivalent, it's also much cheaper than Synthroid.  However, I've learned that Levothyroxine is not as consistent as Synthroid is, and that each batch/lot may be not be as precise as desired.  In my experience, those tiny increments make a huge difference in how I feel, so I'm hoping I can get balanced soon. Overall, I guess I would recommend trying **Levothyroxine Thyroid Hormone**, as long as you realize it may not be precise enough for your needs.


Chicagoland, IL


Levothyroxine Thyroid Hormone

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