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Lego City Arctic Base Camp


lan and go on the ultimate expedition from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp!

Head out into the wilds and set up the hi-tech LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp to explore the secrets of the ice! Set out on major expeditions with the snow scooter and husky sled team. Investigate the secrets of the ice with the powerful tracked exploration vehicle. Call for helicopter back-up and deploy the winch and net to carry large blocks of ice back to base. Transfer the mysterious crystals into the laboratory on the conveyor belt and open the walls and roof of the lab for easy play. Help the scientist and research assistant analyze your findings with the 2 computers, microscope and other equipment. Then relax in a cozy corner of the garage and watch TV before lowering the door, driving out on the snow scooter and beginning another research mission. But beware – this is a dangerous place with extreme weather conditions and a polar bear lurking near the camp!

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Great Set


As an avid fan of Legos, I was excited to add this set to our family's collection. Although it is a small set, it comes with seven Lego minifigures. Many of these smaller sets (and even some of the larger ones) contain only a few men, so it is always nice to find a good priced set that contains several people. The set also contains several animals (polar bear, fish, multiple dogs) that my children have a blast playing with. The regular building pieces also contain the right pieces to build several different machines (helicopter, snowmobiles, different types of bulldozers and Artic cats, etc). This is a very versatile set that can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family, and I would highly recommend it to any Lego enthusiasts. Sadly, it has been discontinued in some places, but it is still possible to find this Lego set online or in other places that sell used toys.



Lego is always a good bet.


You can't beat Lego for quality when it comes to toys. My kids all love them, and so do I.

Cedar Park, TX


the arctic is "cool"


I purchased the Lego City Arctic Base Camp for use by children who are visitors to my home. Although I do not have children, myself, I do have lots of friends who have children or grandchildren who visit with me. I found after a few experiences that my house was devoid of fun things for the children to do while the adults talked. To fill that void, I tried several types of toys. The best one I have discovered, thus far, is this Lego toy. It keeps the children amused for hours. Additionally, it seems to span a reasonably large age grouping and both genders seem to enjoy it. The toy is very sturdy which is a plus for the children when they are playing. Many of the children don't have this toy at home and after playing with it for awhile, they want to take it home. So, I am assuming that many more are being purchased as a result of my introduction of the arctic base camp! It's just a great "babysitter."

Sacramento, CA


Great Lego set for hours of fun


I bought this Lego City Arctic Base Camp set for my six year old this Christmas. He has other Lego sets but this one really caught his attention. I have to help him with some of the building and smaller pieces but he loves to play once it's together. It has so many neat little parts and features. It comes with a dog sled and four huskie dogs. He loves the fishing pool and fish. It has a helicopter that can pick up ice blocks that you can put crystals in. It has a hook with a string and net. It has a polar bear which he likes. It is a large set with 735 pieces. It has kept him busy for hours. The little men have parka outfits and hats that are so cute. The set has lots of people. I think it came with seven people. It has cute little detail pieces like snowshoes, video camera, ice saw, coffee mugs, a little television, etc. This set was a little more difficult to put together than other sets he has but he enjoys playing with it more. This is a great way for my son to develop his fine motor skills. It also gives us something to do together.



You'll be an architect with this toy


It's a fun toy that will not get bored of building



Lego City Arctic Base Camp

4.8 5