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Leather Only

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One step leather cleaner is great!!


I love the smell of leather. Most of my purses and gloves are leather and the interior of our car is leather. We purchased this leather cleaner at the dealership when we picked up our car. This is a great cleaner. It cleans, conditions and protects at one time. This cleaner is to be applied monthly. Squeeze the cleaner onto a white cloth rather than directly on the area to be cleaned. We don't like to use any type cleaners in the car that might detract from that leather smell and I was a bit concerned that the smell might be more chemical than we like. I needn't have been concerned. After cleaning the seats and putting the car away for the night, the next day I opened the door and the inside still smells exactly as it smelled the day we picked up the car. The only difference is that the interior is now conditioned and protected. With the summer heat so intense, it is very necessary to protect the interior from the elements. Highly recommended.

SmallTown, TX


Leather Only

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