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Lane Snuggler Recliner

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We have an interesting story behind this recliner, but you don't want to hear that you just want to know why we like it or not. We like it. It is big and it's soft. It is a snuggler which means it's a two seater. Not quite as big as a loveseat but seats two people who like each other pretty comfortably. The handle release for the reclining function is hidden in-between the seat cushion and the arm of the chair, so it is not visible from anywhere in the room. I think this a good thing. It's not pretty to see a wooden handle on your big chair. Further, it is always fun to tell people that the comfy chair they're sitting in is a recliner. It opens easily and the seat reclins almost fully. Oh and it also sports a space saving feature that allows it to recline without taking a lot of space between the chair and wall. So that's a plus. Overall we are very happy with this purchase and we've had it for about 8 years.

Edmond, OK


Lane Snuggler Recliner

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