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Lancome 'juicy Tubes Jelly' Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss

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Juicy Tubes Jelly by Lancome shiny yet subtle good lip Gloss


The Juicy Tubes Jelly in miracle work really well for me I love the shine every time. The lipgloss is the perfect pucker upper! This lipgloss has beautiful sparkle to it too and I love the colors in this line but I think miracle is my favorite and a little goes a long way so its worth the extra you spend on it. The packaging is perfect for travel because it comes in a compact small plastic tube so you don't have to worry at all about storage and you have a applicator tip that keeps you from getting it everywhere. It is a neat and easy to use product and application is a breeze since its a tube not a jar. This is one of my favorites and I think you will be happy with the results. I really like Lancome products and this is a must try! The color of pink is fascinating and full of sparkles with the color named miracle. You can purchase this product in major stores like belk and peebles and mine personally came from Macy's. Enjoy!

Hot Springs, VA


Lancome Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss is da best!


I have a few of these laying around. One of them, it's a blue shimmer, (I think it may be called Blue Ice?) but I always have it in my purse- it's my favorite go to lip gloss in case of emergencies. It's not my all time favorite lip gloss- I like the Liplicious by Bath n Body Works much better- but this one definitely isn't bad! Pros: The colors. They have great colors, and they are all very shiny, sparkly, sheer, colorful- or whatever one you pick- they are true to the color is what I'm trying to get at. They have a big variety of colors too. Tube tube: It's very convenient, and even though lots are shaped like these, the gloss squeezes out very nicely, and you don't have to break your hand trying to get the product out and onto your lips. Cons: The consistency: The consistency is pretty sticky. It dries really fast too. It definitely doesn't last long, and it gets really stiff and will crease and leave marks on your lips. It is a bit scratchy too. The shimmer gets really scratchy when it dries. It's not terrible- or anything I haven't experience with glosses before, it's just not exactly what I look for. The taste is non existent. They aren't flavored which isn't cool. That usually means they just taste like chemicals, which is gross! The price of course. These are pricey. People give them to me a lot for gifts- but if you can afford it they are pretty good!

Reedsville, WI


Lancome Juicy Tubes Lipgloss is so Shiny


Lancome has created the shiniest lip gloss I have ever used with these Juicy Tubes. I have been using the Raspberry Ice one and love how it glides over my lips and leaves themfeeling soft and nourished. Unlike some longer lasting lip glosses, this one is not sticky or drying in any way. It has an incredible lush feel to it and the word "juicy" is definitely on point. Although this is not technically a lip plumper, due to the amazing amount if shine it does give the appearance of fuller lips. The gloss squeezes right out of the tube from a little hole so you do not have to use one of those weird sponge tip applicators. This is a one handed quick to-go application and the tubes will easily fit in a very small purse or pocket. A very small amount squeezed out of the tube will be enough to cover upper and lower lips, so one tube lasts a long time. I love how this product feels on my lips more than anything, sure it looks good, but it feels almost as good as a kiss.

New York, NY


Best lip gloss!


I absolutely LOVE Lancome's Juciy Tubes ultra shiny lip gloss.  It is wonderful!  It makes my lips look so shiny and just plain good!  It feels nice going on.  It makes me feel more confident when I wear it.  i have tried a few different lip glosses and this one is my favorite, hands down.  One lip gloss I tried had a strange smell to it, others did not stay on for long.  I have found with Lancome's Juicy Tubes ultra shiny lip gloss that the lip gloss stays on and there is nothing obnoxious about it.  The texture is great.  It also comes in a variety of colors so you are bound to find one that fits your personality.  The only downfall with Lancome's Juicy Tubes ultra shiny lip gloss is that it's a bit pricey.  But, if you wear Lancome anyway, you would probably be able to get as a freebie or discounted when you purchase so much in products.  This is how I came across mine.  I would definitely recommend this product.

Omaha, NE


Lancome 'juicy Tubes Jelly' Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss

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