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Lancome Color Fever Gloss - All Shades

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Beautiful Color and Long Lasting, Too


This product is wonderful. I love the beautiful pink color and the shine. It also stays on for hours with needing to re-apply. The only complaint would be that it is a little bit sticky initially. That being said, I recommend it. It's also very easy to apply.

Spring Hill, FL


I love the creamy texture and the unique applicator.


I just ordered this from lancome's website a few weeks ago.  I love the shape of the bottle!  Very cute.  The applicator is very unique shape and I love how it only allows a small amount of the product to come out.  Just really allows only the perfect amount to come out.  I love the way the gloss feels on your lips.  The color is just beautiful and perfectly shimmering.  I ordered the shade optic rose and I love how clean and pretty it is.  It is a very sheer and soft color.  I have naturally pale lips so on mine it added just a hint of color.  I love how the gloss felt while wearing it.  Although my shade was not dark enough to put the 8 hour rule to the test I will say that I only re applied it twice during a evening out where we had dinner and drinks.  So that is pretty good.  I will be trying a darker shade next time to see if the 8 hour test is really true and then I will update this review to reflect that.

Neenah, WI


I felt the burn with the peppermint in Lancome Fever lip gloss.


The Lancome Color Fever lip gloss caught my eye. It was new and on display at Belks. The colors were really nice - especially the pinkish red shade. The guy working at the Lancome counter was super helpful, and he decided to color me up with the Fever lip gloss to make sure it was a good color for me. His specialty area is "color artist." Color Fever went on nice and smooth and felt good on - to start with. But, then my lips started to BURN. I asked him if that Color Gloss, by chance, had peppermint in there. And, yes, it did. Well, peppermint burns me like hot peppers. I don't know that I'm allergic, but it is some kind of sensitivity. I avoid Burt's Bees lip products due to the peppermint. It just burns. But, it does not make me swell or have breathing problems or anything real serious. The poor Lancome guy was really stressed over putting peppermint on my lips. I told him that it just burns but that it's not a big deal. But, he got it off with some kind of cleanser. Most people are fine with peppermint, so I would say that the product is fine for most women. It looks good and feels good other than the peppermint burn for me. Fortunately, I did not buy Fever gloss and get home and find it has peppermint. And, I know to ask now. I guess companies are on the peppermint bandwagon here lately. So, I will check on that.

southern, NC


Love it


The Lancome Color Fever Lip Gloss is great although it is a little pricey. The wand has a very unique tip. The tip looks like a small leaf. The Lancome lip gloss is actually very moisturizing. I tend to have chapped lips so this product helped out while also making me look great. It has a unique shine that I have not been able to see in any other lip glosses. It has an intense color that really brings out the color of your lips and is great as a stocking stuffer. It has so much shimmer which I love. My daughters are in love with this lip gloss and use it when they are dressing up. The tube lasts for quite a while. It has a unique feeling when it is on your lips. I have always loved the Lancome line and am glad that I started using their lip glosses. I only buy it when I feel like splurging on myself because buying it frequently could make a little dent in my budget. Lancome always comes out with great products and they are always consistently high quality products.

Alexandria, VA


Lancome Color Fever Gloss - All Shades

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