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La bella
La bella LOTS of CURLS Styling Gel

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I'm absolutely in LOVE!!!


I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!!! I am a 2c/3a curl type, with hair about 3 inches above my belly button when it's curly. This defines and holds my curls for 3 days (which I wash my hair every 3-4 days so it holds all the way until my next washing). After washing my hair, I apply leave in conditioner first, then a different kind of moisturizer, and then I put in about 2 quarter sized dollops of this gel, and I scrunch it in my hair. NO flaking whatsoever, and it is firm, yet touchabley soft. If there is ever any hard area, it's nothing a little "scrunch the crunch" can't do to get rid of it. I'm a curlygirl method follower (no sulfates, silicones) and this follows that routine, it also is alcohol free, which is perfect for my hair since my hair dries out easily. As far as smell, it doesn't have a super strong smell. My conditioner and leave-in conditioner are the only things I smell on my hair. Plus, it's SUPER affordable!!!! I HIGHLY recommend!!! I'm in LOVE!!!!!!




Leaves your hair crusty


I used La bella LOTS of CURLS styling gel when I was in high school. I only used it for a while because I would notice that the gel would leave my hair extremely crusty. If I would touch my hair it would get really dry and flake white stuff. It was really cheap so I bought it , but I wouldn't recommend using it for I extended periods of time.




It Works


My hair is 3b/3c curly (if you know what that means; if not, chck out Curly Girl book/website) but I often straighten it and then it doesn't curl quite as nice after having been straightened for a while. This stuff is A) Very cheap B) smells good, and C) It works! I've also gotten this in the clear version instead of the pink. I've never bought any expensiv gel, so I really can't compare it to anything really pricey, but it seems to work just as good as other brands you'd get at WalMart and such. It doesn't leave my hair crunchy or too "gel" look, but it does tame my frizz and help it from becoming too puffy. I've used this mixed with conditioner and it doesn't curdle for me if I vigorously mix it up/shake it. Awesome product for the money!


Bloomsburg, PA


Great gel


I have always had a problem with frizzy curly hair. I am not one who likes to spend forever on getting my hair to look decent and so this gel has really helped me to fix my hair quickly and yet still looks nice. I have been using this gel for a few years now and I really like how it has a great hold and helps to tame my hair down to something more managable. Sometimes my hair does get a little stiff, but that is primarily when I have put just a little too much of the gel in my hair. They also have different gels depending on hair style and what you want your gel to do. I am also not one to spend an exorbiant amount on items which I use to take care of my hair. I have found that I really like the results especially for the price which I am paying.


Anchorage, AK


Great Hold, Big bottle, lasts long time


I really enjoy my La Bella Lots of Curls Styling gel.  I use this stuff on the weekends to get my hair nice and curly to go out.  The Lots of Curls gel holds my curls just fine.  I do use a little spray after styling to get everything in place, and then it lasts all night long.  The smell is kind of fruity I guess, and it's a little strong when you first apply it, but tones down a lot when I brush my curls through.  You have to love the price.  It's a great value.  And, the size of the bottle is huge!  I never seem to run out.  I've always got plenty in there waiting on me to use.  Things I judge a gel on are: Hold, scent, How long it lasts, and if it's really sticky or not.  I hate gels that make my hair feel glued into curls.  I don't have that problem with this product.  It's a really gently hold, I guess would be the best way to describe it.  And, holds really well.  Give it a try!!


Saint Simons Island, GA


la Bella is beautiful!


I am a guy and I have been using La Bella gel products for the past 10 years. I find La Bella to be the best product for what I am looking for. I do not know this product specifically but what I use is the yellow and blue ones which seem to be great ones for me. La Bella does not necessarily flake unless you mess with the hair excessively or around there. It has a great hold and does not get too messed up with the rain or with daily activities. I'm a pretty active person and my hair is never affected when I'm playing any sports which is definitely a plus. Whether you're looking for a hard gel or a light gel, La Bella offers many different kinds of gels and I'm sure the "lots of curls" one is great just like the rest of its products. La Bella also smells great, so when I'm walking in the street with the gel still smelling a little, I get compliments regarding the smell which is great without having to wear cologne!


Brooklyn, NY


La Bella Gel is nice...


I have curly/wavy hair and I'm usually using hairspray to keep my hairdo, but sometimes I like to use gel to revive my curls throughout the day since they tend to go flat.  Any fellow curly hair people will know what I mean!  So I bought some La Bells Lots of Curls Styling Gel (it was pretty cheap and promised to give good curl) and decided to give it a try.  I don't particularly have anything bad to say about it, but I didn't really see a difference in how good my curls were, contrary to how wonderful it was saying it would be according to the back of the bottle.  It says it's scientifically formulated to enhance curls which I guess it might do but I never really noticed any better curls.  But it might just be my type of hair.  But by all means if you have curly hair go ahead and try La Bella - it will probably work WONDERFULLY for you!  Just don't use too much or you'll have a plastic covered head.  :)


Kempner, TX


La Bella hair gel is efficient and affordable


I bought this product because of its great price tag compared to other top brands.  The first thing I loved about it was the HUGE bottle that I know will last me a long time.  I also LOVE the smell! It works VERY well on wet or dry hair, and isn't sticky or clumpy.  Just make sure you wash your hands after using because it leaves a nasty taste!


Clayton, NC


La Bella makes me La Curly


So, are you one of the lucky few who were born with mutated hair follicles?  Did you used to curse your waywards locks because they were untameable?  Cuss no more ladies, La Bella is here to save the day! I discovered La Bella a long time ago (well, a few years ago) when I was po' and couldn't afford the fancy DEP gel (remember DEP!).  Huge bottle of hair gel at my store for a buck or two.  Yeah, it'll do (I thought to myself) until I can get the good stuff. Turns out this IS the good stuff!  I can "goo" up my hair before I go to bed (I shower at night b/c it takes so long to deal with this hair!), and then in the morning, I take my hair out of the bun I slept in, give it a scrunch and walk out the door, letting it air dry on the way to work. By my mid-morning coffee, my hair is almost completely dry and looking FAB! There is no crunch, like you get from other (even more expensive) gels.  Just nice soft bouncy curls. BUT, like another reviewer said, it curdles if you use it in conjunction with a leave-in conditioner and then it'll dry looking like you have dandruff, so don't combine the two!


Gainesville, FL


La bella LOTS of CURLS Styling Gel

4.2 9