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LG Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, Microwave

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I would never buy another LG appliance - Life is not good!


I purchased the microwave, upgraded dishwasher, upgraded 5 burner stove and upgraded refrigerator and have had problems with each appliance. LG customer support is terrible.  The ice maker has been broken and jams since day 1 and LG will not honor the warranty.  The temperature is very uneven.  The "ultra quiet" dishwasher is ultra noisy and the dishes only come out clean if I completely wash them before putting in the dishwasher.  I think that defeats the reason to have a dishwasher.  The stove temperature is off and the stove top is a complete pain to clean.  I would not wish an LG product on my worst enemy!  The LG support/customer service is the worst ever.  Rating 1 star is too high!

Broadview Heights, OH


What a lemon. Icemaker freezes and jams constantly


LSC27921SB I just bought this in June 2010. I bought it because it looked sleek and had a nice digital panel. I got it home and have had warranty service out to fix the icemaker 3 times. It still leaks, freezes up and jams constantly. I wish I had read reviews on it before I bought it because I would have learned more about the icemaker problem and never purchased it. Evidently it is a design problem as I have read over 25 reviews with a similar problem. Warranty service guys tell me they replace the icemaker parts all the time in this unit and it still does not fix the problem. I spoke with LG and they will not take responsiblity so I will post and tell everyone I can what a piece of junk my refrigerator is. What a sham. They call themselves a reputable appliance manufacturer. I will never purchase LG again for anything.

Grand Prairie, TX


love my LG'S


All my new appliances are LG, and I have had a few problems with each one of them.  The refrigerators needed repair , the fruit and veggie bin would get too cold. LG 3 DOOR The new ones now have bins on rollers which is so much nicer and easier to work then my model (which is 4 years old) . My dishwasher is very quiet, but, unless you have it on Sanitary and Pot scrubber, you still have to wash the dishes before you put them in. My oven, I screwed up and put alumninum foil on the BOTTOM........It is a convection oven and the foil cooked into the ceramic floor.........it does say not to do it in the book, but who reads the book.  MY microwave works fine........I love the look of all the appliances , AND any time I have called LG, they have responded and have definitely backed their product. Their customer service is outstanding.

Bell, FL


LG French Door bottom Freezer Refrigerator


We recently purchased a new home that had all appliances except a refrigerator. After looking at all major appliance stores we finally found our perfect refrigerator at a perfect price. Home Depot was amazing at helping us find the refrigerator that best fit our needs and at the lowest price. I am a mother of 3 hungry children so we need lots of refrigerator and freezer space. The LG French Door Bottom Freezer was the perfect addition to our kitchen. It provides the right amount of space and looks amazing in our kitchen. It also saves us a lot of Energy and has an "alarm" so that I know everytime my little hungry ones are in there standing with the door wide open looking for snacks. I would recommend this to everyone with a medium to large family.

Rocky Face, GA


LG Appliance Suite - very sweet


When we remodeled our kitchen earlier this year, we spec'd the entire suite with LG appliances. This included the French door bottom freezer refrigerator, the dishwasher, the electric range and the microwave. We have enjoyed all of them. The refrigerator has a nice feature that beeps if the door is inadvertently left open. Later models, we are told, have a self-closing feature that would be even better. The ability to open both upper doors to access the full refrigerator is very handy. The bottom drawer freezer makes sense since we open that area much less frequently than the fridge. And we never mistake the freezer door for the fridge door.The refrigerator also has a through-the-door water diispenser, with a digital switch from water to ice cubes to crushed ice.The dishwasher door closes flush to the counter top and runs extremely quietly. We often doon't even know that it is running unless the operating lights are on. The racks are spacious and well-organized for easy placement of different dishes and kithenware to be washed.The range has nice touches with different size cooking plates and, as a flat, radiant surface is easy to clean and cook on. Digital back panel indicators discourage placing hands or melt-able items on the cooking surface.The microwave is, well, a microwave. Cooking selections are easy to set, even for a trog like me.Incidentally, we went for black on all the surfaces. Stainless steel is so-o-o 20th Century.

Fort Myers, FL


LG Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, Microwave

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