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LG LFX25960 refrigerator

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I love it


We've had our fridge for 2 months are very Happy with it. Our old one was starting to keep ice in the bottom of the freezer, so it was time for a new one. The icemaker on the door is Awesome!!! It makes enough for a family of five and doesn't take up the top half of the freezer like one in a side-by-side does. However, slmetimes i confuse the two buttons for ice and water and make a big mess with ice in my wayer, you know if you have nearly a full cup of water then drop ice into it, it makes a big splash. We were a little worried about freezer space in this one, going from a side-by-side to a bottom freezer, but the double doors gave is great sight to everything in the fridge, so it's hard for things to become hidden over time. It also sort of encourages you to buy fresher foods and rely less on the freezer mmmmmm fruits amd veggies! . the down side. (Yes there is one)-- When you dispense ice (even cubes), you need to cup your hand around the top of your cup or you'll end up with ice shooting out everywhere. It's a good thing we don't use crushed ice, or it would be even worse. Expecially when I hit ice and not water 🙄 lol.



IT is taller than me


It is ok. I would like to see over the food instead of under it. I am 5.1 and I can see the top shelf. I can look through the shelfs to see the food which sometimes works in my best interest. It is not entirely spill proof like the salesman said. To clean it when it spills over the shelf -yuck what a mess. I had to take the entire thing apart. The freezer would be great if there were only two or three in the family. I have five int he family and the freezer is a mess. IF you don;t have an extra freezer in the house then this would not be big enough for you. I buy in bulk and I have no room in this freezer. Hard to find things. Great if you are short to get into thing. My problem is that sometimes things get stuck in the door freezer and it stays open. The only thing that saves us the annoying alarm,(which can be shut off) I love the water dispenser and the fact that ice cubes are in the freezer draw instead of on the door. Too many on the door ice makers get ice allover the floor. We are not big on ice so we like the way this is setup. The water filters are expensive but that goes for any refrigerator water filter. No major problems yet but we have had it less than two years. Keep our fingers crossed. My last refrigerator had seal problems.

Parkville, MD


Good Fridge But Had Leak!


We bought this fridge roughly two years ago. It has lasted without any major issues throughout the years. The only problem we've had with it is that a hose line seems to have busted. The fridge still works but you can feel a small leak at the bottom when you get water out of the door. It was a simple fix and didn't cost much. Other than that, the fridge has held up well. Lots of space on the inside (feeding a family of 5) so don't have to worry about running out of room. Love the enclosed shelving unit on the top shelf of the door to prevent items from falling out. Overall, this fridge holds up over the years and has lots of space. A good family fridge.

Milledgeville, GA


LG LFX25960 refrigerator

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