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Lexmark T654DN Laser Printer

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The Lexmark T654DN printer seems to be a pretty well built.


The T654DN seems to be a well built and solid Lexmark laser printer compared to some of their previous designs.  Some of the old models had belcranks in the trays which were troublesome that are now gone.  Also a previous design of Comp Rollers seem to be extinct (the T642 tray version).  This is a huge plus.  The finishers now include an LED light underneath which lights up bin1 (although it is not necessary, it helps in low light areas).  The stapler seems to work well, and is not much different from previous designs.  The additional trays that you can add on now lock into place, which is nice when you have users that are hard on printers, but make it a bit of a pain to work on if you are a technician (since you have to hold in both clips on both sides and then pull it off.  The built in duplex is a nice space saving idea (considering the old models had the duplex as an add-on that stuck out the back of the printer quite a bit which took up alot more space).  Overall I think it is much improved compared to previous models, however the transfer assembly seems to be a little cheap, and I had already encountered one with a 48 page count that had the assembly already broke. 


Campbell, OH


Lexmark T654DN Laser Printer

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