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Brother Laser Photo Printer

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brother hl 5240 series - mistake


i bought this brother hl 5240 series printer for one main purpose.  that being to print a certain size envelopes for my church.  i have had trouble setting fonts to be able to do that. i am very disappointed.


Tampa, FL


high quality, quick, easy to use


The brother HL-5340D laser photo printer is a great addition to any office that is looking to print a large quantity of documents, but are wanting to make sure there is no suffering in the quality of the prints.  This printer definitely has top of the line printing capabilities as it can put literally thousands of pages out in one hour.  This printer is extremely efficient and can print double sided with one easy click that will speed printing and cut times in half. It also allows you to save on paper.  However, while you can set the printer up so that less ink is being used per page, the quality of the documents that are being printed does not seem to suffer.  I have been extmreley impressed as very few times do I catch an occasional smudge mark or ink line running along a page.  THe printer itself is definitely pricey, but it is definitely worth it if you ar going to be putting thousands of pages out in one day.


Beaufort, MO


The brother printer is great for work place settings.


This printer has it all!!  Copier, scanner, printer!  We have this printer hooked up at work and it's the best printer we've ever had here.  We print a lot on a daily basis and this printer keeps up with everything.  We enjoy that you can duplex and booklet right from your computer.  It also prints great cards and even average qualiy pictures.  This printer is great for the busy office place. 


Lexington, KY


great quality printer


the print quality for both photos and text were very good as well as very speedy! The duplexing is also i nice feature and you can even get ink cartriges reasonably priced. My only problem was printing envelopes, which came out crinkly, but i solved this by just printing labels instead. Overall, great product for the price


Alexandria, VA


Love it


I have purchased this printer and it works so fast and good. I am use to having an ink jet but I sure wish I ordered or bought one of these sooner. I can tell you that it will shock you of the speed and clarity that it gives off. It is worth the money that you pay fo rit and it does not take long to install the product. The toner that works with it is best fo rthe money that is being spent on it. I have not had any problems with this product since buying it. If you are a person that is looking for something simple to put together with good speed in running stuff off then I would suggest purchasing this printer. I have told a couple of family members about this product and they are going to get them one and for my nieces birthday I am going to purchase her one for her study room. I really do like the quality of this printer and the price of it. You will like this product after you purchase it and I hope that you do not experience any problems like I have.


Memphis, TN


The Brother Laser Photo Printer made my life easier!


I absolutely love this printer.  It has made my life easier, not only because I am able to print all of my favorite photos online, but also because it is wireless.   I love that! I can be on my lap top and print my pictures in the office.  Also, the quality of the photos is great!


Plantersville, MS




very good machine. Well brother has done it again, I've had a Brother since I got my first computer in 1980 and have never had to get repairs for any of them the only reason I get new ones is that I'm attracted to new featuresas soon as they come out. The Brother HL-5340D Laser Photo Printer is a larger sized printer and since I take dozens of photos of my grandson every week, I feel it's perfect for my needs, it produces the best quality photos I've ever seen and that includes all the outside companies that take at least a week to get them back if they don't loss them, with this machine I can get superior quality photos the same day without ever leaving home, so they are never lost.  I find that with quality paper the price is still cheaper per print than I've been able to find anywheres else. The Brother 5340D Laser Photo Printer is one tough, high quality machine and I would encourage anyone to check it out, I'm sure you'll be very impressed, as I was, the company quality backs you up, but I've never in 30 years had to use there guarantee, these are the very best printers you can ever find, they are very easy to start using as the instructions are simple and easy to understand, once set up that's it you're on your way.              


Miami, FL


Brother laser photo printer is great and so is the price.


I think this laser printer is great and is very affordable. You want a product that can perform the necessary tasks at a quick speed. This Brothr HL-5340D Laser Photo printer is a product I would like to try and I think other people would also. The speed is great and the most important factor.


Los Angeles, CA


This is a great printer!


I love my new Laser Photo Printer! It is easy to use. The directions on the front of the printer are easy to understand and the software needed on the computer is easy to load and easy to use. The quality of photos is generally very good. Of course, the better photo paper you use, the better the photos will turn out. It's not all about the printer. When printing Word documents or other non-photo items, I try to use the least photo quality settings possible and the documents still turn out with dark ink and look professional. I don't print that many photos, but I like having the option of printing photos at home so that if you take a good picture and want to see a hard copy of it right away, the photo printer is there. The software is easy to use also. I'm in between a techie and computer challenged and if I can figure out how to use the software, just about anyone can. The price is comparable to other photo printers.


Talala, OK


The brother hl laser photo printer works like a dream.


The brother laser photo printer is one of my favorite printers to use because is is so simple to operate and to print out documrnts, photos and other great things. also the ink does not cost as much as other ink cartridges for other printers out there and with the economy the way it is we cannot afford to waste money on such things but this makes it less stressfull.


Denver, CO


Brother Laser Photo Printer

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