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LA Looks
LA Looks  sport styling gel

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doesn't help with long hair


I gave the LA Looks sport styling gel a 7 mainly because it really didn't work really well for me. Now, with that being said, I do have really long hair and so a styling gel isn't really needed for too much, but even with the hold I needed to have with some certain hairstyles I would use, it really doesn't do very much for me. For instance, if I'm doing an up do it really doesn't hold for very long, it looks really great at the beginning, but as a little amount of time goes by it just stops holding and it starts flaking which looks really bad. Of course like I said I have really long hair, so whether or not the LA Looks sport styling gel will work on short hair is a question I really can't answer it one way or the other. But, like I said for me it really just didn't work. Also, I really didn't like the scent it had, it wasn't anything special and when I do my hair I really want it to smell nice and be a fragrance that's going to be noticed and this gel just didn't have it.



LA Looks sport styling gel

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