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Klipsch - Synergy Speaker System

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They sound awesome


The Klipsch model F2 standing floor speaker is a must have for any surround sound system. The sound that comes out of this speaker is amazing. You can hear everything!!! You can buy this speaker from Bestbuy for a good price. Klipsch speakers will last you for a  really long time. I would suggest you buy this product.

Atlanta, GA


Klipsch F-3 floor speaker absolutely worth it.


I was planning to wait to buy these floor speakers but then they were on sale so i had to get them. And boy am i glad that i did. The sound quality is amazing. I was first introduced to them when my neighbor let me hold on to them while he moved and settled in his new place. At first i was intimidated by setting them up so i didnt. After awhile, i got brave and found that setting up speakers is no challenge at all. I first just had them hooked up to play my ipod and it was great sound excellent  clarity. My roomate hooked them up to the tv and now i enjoy them even more.  Since my neighbor took them away, it was never the same so i decided to to some research and find that these were the price i was willing to spend so i got them. I then got a better receiver and a 12 inch subwoofer and a center speaker and spent a couple grand on my home theatre system. I am more than happy with all my klipsch speakers and would recommend them to everyone. Also, great for parties when loud music is desired. I have yet to experience unclear sound or any problems with my speakers and ive had them for over 6 months.

West Lafayette, IN


Great range of sound with highs and lows!


These speakers are an incredible value!Between the two speakers I was able to drown out my downstairs neighbor's karaoking and rock out, with out an clipping or distortion.They look very stylish and reasonably compact for the features that are offered. Be sure to use some well insulated wires - not due to the speakers, but I had interference when first hooked up. I changed to thicker guage wires and the problem was solved.

Las Vegas, NV


Klipsch - Synergy Speaker System

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