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Double-Drawer Dishwashers
KitchenAid Double-Drawer Built-in Dishwasher

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Wonderful KitchenAid Double-Drawer Dishwasher


I have had this unit for about a year and a half now, I was looking for the stainless steel front to match my new kitchen best. The reason I went with the double drawer was for many reasons. First I live in an old farm house, it wasn't built for a dishwasher, so the location in my kitchen were it was to be installed was tight, and a long door dishwasher would not fit. So as I shopped I took my measuring tape with me, it gave me that extra 5 inches from the radiator that sticks out so far. And I purchase mine off clearance so I saved a bunch too. I love the set up of having literally two dishwashers, The top is not as big as your normal dishwasher but you can get plenty in there without complaining, and the bottom is really a half dish washer. if you have a large family you will be grateful for this thing, it washes like a dream, an a energy saver. My dishes come out perfect every time. I like closing the the drawer verses pulling up and pushing closed the door of the dish washer. When you shop for your new dish washer actually go to the store and open and close the doors as if your trying it out, you will see what I am saying here. I spent a lot of time shopping for my new kitchen an I'm glad I did. Besides loving the brand, if I ever purchase another dish washer it will be a Kitchen Aid and a double drawer.

Philadelphia, PA


Not for everyday.


When we were building our home we wanted the latest and greatest appliances; so of course we went with the double drawer dishwasher because it looks and for the fact that you can wash fine china in this appliance. I originally planned to put this in my butler's pantry for that reason to be by the formal dining room. Because we found this at an outlet store and got this at for a steal; I opted to just use this in the kitchen for now. 1. Does not fit very much, even when you use bother drawers you cannot fit everything and then some of your big plates might not fit. 2. Takes a very long time through the whole cycle. 3. Do not leave anything on a dish, utensil etc. will not come clean and forget about anything that is dried on. Needless to say that I will be purchasing a regular dishwasher in the future and this will put in place that I will use it only on special occasions.

Murrysville, PA


One drawer for clean dishes - one for dirty dishes


We were remodeling our kitchen and I wanted something to match all my new stainless steel appliances-thus, the purchase of a 2-drawer dishwasher.  The reason I thought a 2-drawer dishwasher would be a good option for our family was: the kids are leaving home, soon there will only be the 2 of us.   I don't cook a lot and I've always washed my pans by hand anyway.   We were only using our big dishwasher a couple of times a week and sometimes it would start to smell :( The reasons I stated for buying a 2-drawer dishwasher are the reasons that the dishwasher is working out well for us.  It is nice when one drawer is dirty you can wash those, but still have a drawer you can load into, oh, you can load a drawer while the other one is washing!  My family doesn't like loading the dishwasher, but they never did.  There is a tad-bit of a learning curve to load the dishwasher, my dinner plates will only fit on the right side.  You can't cram 1/2 as many dishes into it as a full size dishwasher just because it's 1/2 the size. Here are the things that I don't like about the dishwasher:  the cycles are really long, but it does have a delay, so most of the time I run it after midnight.  It is pretty quiet, but I can't compare it to the other models.  You have to keep track of which drawer is clean and which drawer is dirty.  I see nothing on my drawers to indicate wheather a load has washed on not, I check for little bits of water ontop of the glasses.  Oh, and as I mentioned before, my dinner plates only fit on one side. There aren't a lot of 2-drawers to chose from, but what my contractor did tell me as he was installing my one unit: some of the other brands are 2 separate drawers, they are harder to install.  Hmm, and that makes me wonder if you can replace 1 drawer if only one quits working. Now, if you really are considering buying a 2-drawer, I would recommend taking your dinner plate, a bowl and mug with you while making your purchase choices.  Make sure you can close the drawer with your dinner plate in it.

Shafter, CA


KitchenAid Double-Drawer Built-in Dishwasher

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