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Double-Drawer Dishwashers
Maytag Double-Drawer Dishwasher

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DW Drawers are a Great Idea, Hate the Leaks!


Mine is about 3-4 years old...for the price it is terrible!!!! I have spent more on service calls than any other dishwashers I have ever owned, and I have had a few! Top drawer on mine leaked and ruined my hardwood floor...they have replaced pumps, filter holder on inside of drawer (not sure what that part is called, but has small filter inside the perferated round cover). I love the design and, being alone, I love that I can use the smaller drawer for smaller loads. Or use both when I have company. But not worth the days of lost work waiting for appliance repairman. NOT HAPPY! Don't understand why Maytag isn't offering relief to all the UNHAPPY owners :(

Flagler Beach, Florida 32136


Worst Dishwasher EVER!!!!!!!


I have had this dishwasher for a little over 3 years. I have had it serviced at lease 6 times for almost the same thing. It has leaked and ruined my hardwood flooring and the ceiling in our basement twice!!! Absolute piece of junk!! Totally regret this purchase Durability I have had sooooo much service on this dishwasher....I had a BOSCH for years with NO problems!



Will change the way you think about your dishwasher.


This dishwasher is so different, that it takes some getting used to. We almost went with a more traditional model. We're so glad we didn't! It cleans just as well as any dishwasher. Some reviewers have said their dishes are not dry, but mine are as dry as they were in any previous dishwasher I've owned. No, it will not clean poorly-rinsed dishes with caked-on food in one wash, but what dishwasher will? The cycle takes longer than my old dishwasher. But I understand that all the newer energy-star models do. Bummer, but I guess that's "progress" for you! But what a great design! There are no more "rules"... No more "this has to go here, and that has to go there". I can put full-sized dinner plates on top, put any item anywhere there is room. The racking system is very flexible. After just a tiny amount of experimenting around (I started feeling comfortable with it after just one or two loads), you'll find that it allows you to move things around and change it up depending on the dishes you have. What a concept! With my old dishwasher, at times I used to find that the top rack was full, but the bottom was empty. I would be left trying to decide if it was worth running the dishwasher anyway. I'd be trying to move things around and redistribute the load a little better, but the bottom wasn't really designed to hold cups and glasses, so they would be rattling around. Not so with this dishwasher. Not only can I put any item anywhere it will fit. I also have the option, of course, to run a smaller load in just one drawer. Think about it. Have you ever had dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but were about to have a snack, which meant more dirty dishes? That used to prevent me from starting the entire load. Not so with two drawers. I can start the fuller of the two and finish off the second one when I am done with my snack. When the dishes from the first load are clean, I start to empty the dishwasher. By the time I am done unloading drawer #1 drawer #2 is done. I also have really started to like running and emptying smaller loads. I get my favorite mug back faster, and unloading the dishwasher is less daunting because I am done in five minutes. This dishwasher has done more to change the way I approach a dishwasher than any I have ever seen. I would recommend it to anyone!

Oak Brook, IL


More freedom


My previous dishwasher was so reliable that I haven't been following the technological changes and only learned about the double drawer of models like this Maytag MDD8000AWS about 1-1/2 years ago. At first, I thought it was just a new design and maybe a way to separate the top and bottom racks found in older style dishwasher. But, I quickly learned that you can fill up only the top drawer or both and only wash the ones you want. That was a big plus as with a new baby in the family, I had to wash the "baby" dishes more often than how I wash other dishes. I'm a type who's quite conservative about resource usages, so do not like to waste water unnecessarily. Being able to wash just 1 of the drawers was a blessing. I bought one about a month after the baby's arrival and have been enjoying the clean dishes done by this Maytag model. It does take longer than my previous dishwasher to complete a cycle so don't really like that aspect of wasting energy but only found out about it after I bought it (online). It's not as quite as my older dishwasher and that was somewhat surprising, too, given this was a model that was more than a decade newer in terms of technology. Lesson learned: try at a store first before buying anything online.

Cupertino, CA


Great but some problems


This is a great dishwasher. It is so convenient to have the two seperate drawers and is energy efficient and easy to use. There have been some problems however with my machine and I've had to have it replaced before. One is that you are really not supposed to use the soap cubes with it, but Cascade powder detergent is recommended. I used the cube kind and my dishwasher completely stopped draining. When I switched to the loose powder kind, the problems stopped. (That kind is cheaper anyway, so it is kind of a bonus really) The other problem I've had is that the bottom drawer has broken before. It was easily repaired, however, by an appliance service company, though at my cost. Overall, it has been a great machine and has served me and my family well the past 5 years. It makes life just a tad bit easier and keeps the dishes out of my sink. Now if only we could teach it to put dishes away.... I'm sure they're working on that.

Lufkin, TX


Maytag Double Drawer Built-In Dishwasher is the BEST!


I've owned or used traditional dishwashers my entire life until recently.  You know the ones I am talking about; one opening with a bottom rack and a top rack.  This Maytag Double Drawer dishwasher has changed the way I look at washing dishes.  I am in a home of only two people and we used to have to run half a dishwasher as the bottom would fill up and the top would be nearly empty.  That is no longer the case! **Pros:** The ability to only run one of the two drawers is awesome!  This saves on water & energy!  It also cleans dishes 100x better than my last dishwasher and does not leave spots or residue on the dishes.  It is also quieter than other dishwashers that I have had the ill experience of being around.  All of that and it looks great!  Stainless steel finishes are definitely my personal favorite. **Cons:** Like with any stainless steel appliance, fingerprints are extremely visible and need to be wiped down regularly (unless you want to wear white gloves at all times).  This is also kind of pricey when compared to the more standard dishwashers, but you definitely get what you pay for in this case. Other than that I have not had ANY issues with this whatsoever.  I cannot imagine ever going back to a traditional dishwasher. **Overall:** Best dishwasher I have ever owned!  EVER!

Columbus, OH


Maytag Double-Drawer Dishwasher

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