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KitchenAid Architect II KEBK101SSS Electric Single Oven

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I Really Like my KitchenAid Architect II Electric Single Oven!


I have had my KitchenAid Architect II Electric Single Oven for quite awhile now, and it is really great! It does a good job of baking pies and cakes very evenly. My oven has a tendency to bake quickly so I know to normally shave three to five minutes off my recipes. It bakes a turkey beautifully---so golden brown. Every meat I have cooked in my oven comes out evenly baked and delicious! I love the touchtone screen too. The self-cleaning feature works well too. I have not had any issues with my KitchenAid single oven. I highly recommned this oven!

Maryville, TN


KitchenAid Oven and Microwave Don't Match


I had to replace an all-in-one oven/microwave unit because the oven went out, leaving behind a perfectly good microwave unit that also had to be scrapped. That seemed wasteful, so I decided to replace the combo unit with two separate units. I bought the KitchenAid architect series because of its attention to style and because I was also replacing my dishwasher (side note: love the dishwasher). Admittedly, I bought the oven from the dealer's catalog because it was not present in the showroom, so I did make the assumption that the separate units would be identical in detail. Not only are they not identical, they look terrible together. Call me nitpicky, but my mother taught me that when two colors are too close for comfort, that's called clashing. The microwave has a very hip, tech-y violet-blue display that I really love, and the font is an update on the classic LED numerals. The oven's LED display is the more standard aqua blue and does not feature the same updated numerals as the microwave. Also, the clocks don't line up vertically, but they're close enough to it to be uncomfortable.  Perhaps I expect too much, but I find it disappointing that the designers at KitchenAid never imagined that these two separate ovens might actually be used together just as if they had been purchased as one unit. If they had, maybe they would have stacked one on top of the other and seen that the clocks didn't match or align. I'm told by the dealer that the problem may lie in the oven (which is the electric model; I can't speak for the gas version) being made in China. My reaction: yeah, probably.  I can't comment on its quality of operation because I haven't used it yet: I'm still mad at it. 

Chicago, IL


KitchenAid Architect II KEBK101SSS Electric Single Oven

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