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Kirkland Pet Bed

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The best for man and beast


This bed is great! Our Golden who generally always hated a bed took to this one right away. It is soft, doesn't hold dog odor and the best part is, I can use it when I am in the doghouse!


Dana Point


Can't beat the price!


This dog bed is awesome! I cannot say enough nice things about this kirkland brand dog bed! I have two smaller sized dogs, a west highland white terrier and a shih tzu, and both dogs love this bed. Its so cleverly shaped as it resembles a small couch, just perfect for their size. They both can fit on this bed at the same time without fuzzing or being bothered with one another. I also like that this can can be machine washed and tumbled dried, on low, and the bed comes out like new. I also love that the fluff does not go flat within weeks like a lot of other beds at the larger pet and vet chain stores that I have purchased over the past few years have! As the bed only has a price tag of 19.99, how can you go wrong? Its also awesome that the bed comes in various patterns and textures that can fit into most home designs. What better way to help your pet than the gift of comfort and relaxation?




Reliable Pet Bed


We have an outside dog, she is a very active Labrador mixed. She has her own dog house and lots of nice blankets, but I wasn't completely happy with it, so I decided to Purchased a Large Kirkland Pet Bet for her. I understand that this kind of beds are made just for indoors dogs,but I would like to see my Labrador more comfortable outdoors. For the last t 18 months of use I can tell you this is. The Kirkland Pet Bed is an awesome acquisition . The Kirkland Pet Bed is very well sew, and finished very carefully for the safety of our pets. Also the Kirkland Pet Bed is made of excellent materials never less the price is just right for the pocket. I did the test and I can tell you the Kirkland Pet Bed is reliable for outdoors and indoors pets. Moreover its build up with two kind of materials, top part with the pattern and bottom part in a some kind of anti skid material but also comfortable enough to be used.. Our dog have used both sides. My dog have left her Kirkland Pet Bed in the sun, in the rain and in the snow, but it never got smelly, faded, or torn for really long time .( after 18 months of use on extreme conditions the top area its starting to get little roles from my dogs teeth, but nothing that a little mending cannot fix ) If she got one side wet, we just turn the other side and she was able to use it without problems.. Another very good thing about the Kirkland pet bed the stuffing inside it do not get smelly at all and its light enough to be washed and dried in the washer and dryer machine and never less heavy enough to get my dog warm. It is manufactured in a pillow way so you can take the cover out and wash it separated or not. I'm getting another Kirkland Pet Bed for my dog she sure deserves it a new one thanks Kirkland for awesome products for our pets.


Central Point, OR


beware replacement bed


i have four dogs so i have these kirkland dog beds all over the home and have always been happy with them in the past. They were durable and sturdy with a washable cover and a wonderful aromatic cedar fill. Recently i decided to replace the most worn of the four dog beds and went back to my local costco for yet another kirkland dog bed. I was very disappointed to find that new beds no longer have the cedar fill, but a cheap foam fill that is flattening very quickly and does not have the wonderful cedar aroma that the original beds had. They looked identical in every way and i thought i was getting the same product, but it appears that they have "cheapened up" a previously wonderful product. What a disappointment. If your costco carries the old cedar filled beds, stock up, as these may be a thing of the past! I will be checking other costco's when i travel in an attempt to locate the old cedar filled beds, but in the meantime, i appear to be out of luck. Costco...bring back the old beds!


Manhattan, MT


This pet bed is not only affordable, it's high-quality too


Although I wish this bed came in different colors, it's a great dog bed. Kirkland doesn't usually produce products in several different colors. But at least the color of this bed is pretty neutral, so will fit a variety of home colors. What I like the absolute best about this bed is the curved back. My dog needs to lean up against something when he sleeps. The curved back of the bed, is the perfect back rest. This bed is also nice for different sized dogs. My little dog can jump up on it and sleep on it too. The bed fits easily in the corner and it's stylish enough that it fits with my home decor. I also like how soft the seat area is, my dog can burrow down in it and it helps keep him warm.




Kirkland Dog Bed


We purchased yet another wonderful Kirkland Dog Bed from Costco. This is our 3rd one in about 5 years. Our huge Rottweiler loves his new bed. The bed is nice and fluflly and is so soft. We opted for a darker colored brown this time, rather than the white sheep skin texture that we have purchased in the past. The white got dirty so fast and it is kind of a pain to wash it. So, we are hoping that the dirt will not show as much and we can wait longer in between washings. This is a high quality bed that really lasts. Our big boy plops himself down on it and it really takes a pounding. We end up replacing it due to stains rather than wear. It has a cedar and fluff filled inner pouch and a removable, washable outer cover. As I mentioned before, washing is sort of a pain, but not so much as I would not recommend it. We love these beds and will continue to purchase them in the future.


Huntington Beach, CA


Great dog bed for the price


I have two dogs, one is around 35 pounds and one is around 60 pounds. We have one dog bed for each of them for when they do want to be indoors. These beds seem to be holding up pretty well so far. We have bought other beds that went flat in no time or that the fabric tore easily and the filling came out. The fabric on these seem to be pretty well made, no rips yet. The back rest really makes the dogs feel extra comfortable and seems to support them well enough. I like the different colors, too. The one downside is that they are not very easily cleaned. I know other people who have had these and didn't seem to have that complaint. The price is very reasonable, too, that is always a plus in my book.


Nicholasville, KY


Kirkland Pet Bed

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