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Kuranda Dog Beds

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Great bed, great price.


As with everyone else, I found the assembly a little difficult the first few times I tried, but over time I was able to master it in no time. We use the Kuranda Dog Beds at the kennel I work at because they are easy to clean, and difficult for dogs to destroy, unlike other dog beds. The price makes them very affordable as well. They're great because they keep dogs up off the concrete floor, and provide them with a more comfortable resting place. They eliminate the possibility of torn bedding being ingested, which is another concern for boarders. I also use them for my personal dogs. I like that I can put them where I want, and they stay there. This is not the case for their other beds that they drag around, or that slide around when they are getting up and down. Best of all, I like that it takes the pressure off of their joints while they are resting. Clean up is a breeze, and they don't hold older. Definitely worth it.




Just got my second Kuranda 'cause my two Great Danes won't share


When I adopted my latest Great Dane, I learned from the rescue owner that she used Kuranda beds.  I hadn't heard of them, but was convinced after I read her endorsement on her website.  So I purchased one.  My male Dane was obviously delighted when the bed showed up--he climbs up on it willingly and stays put there all night.  My female Dane started taking naps on his bed during the day, so we got another one.  Now my husband and I have enough room to sleep because the dogs actually prefer their Kuranda beds to our Queen size setup.  Well worth the money.


Miamisburg, OH


Kuranda dog beds are indestructible!


My mutt loves his Kuranda. In the beginning, I wasn't sure he would like it, because it kind of looks like a trampoline. We finally bought the crate size bed, because he was chewing up every other dog bed we bought him. He's a big fan of chewing, and even "indestructible" dog beds were easily slain by my dog while he was crated. This dog bed seems to be very comfortable, and like I said, he can't chew it at all. If I could change anything about this bed, it would be the cost. Other than that, it is an outstanding choice for a dog who destroys beds.


New York, NY


Kuranda Textiline - an outstanding dog bed


A little difficult to assemble, true...but once that's done it's pretty hard to beat a Kuranda bed. Using the flow-thru mesh type material (Textilene) and Poly Resin frame this lightweight bed with removable feet is simply a snap to clean; and it cleans up nicely with soap and water and a simple scrub brush.   Textilene material takes moments to shake out dry and is usable again.    With older dogs experiencing incontinance issues this can allow you to keep them cleaner and dryer and much more readily managed.   Beds also have a Cordura or Ballistic material option, both of which are a much tighter weave and take significantly longer to dry. Kuranda markets them as "chewproof", they're not...dogs can indeed work on the polyprop railings but that is easily buffed out with a hand sander/sandpaper to look just like new.  Actual bed material is extremely durable and readily replaceable if you decide you want a different material style/colour or it's become damaged.


Arlington, WA


Great Bed But a Challenge to Assemble


This bed is so much better than two other cot beds that I have purchased.  Although I have no complaints regarding the Coolaroo bed, it just wasn't big enough for my English Mastiff.  I bought another, larger bed, from In the Company of Dogs.  It was a Pet Gear bed with a combination of mesh and solid material that lasted all of 4 days.  My English Mastiff is only 155 lbs and 10 months old.  I need a bed that would last through his adult years and prevent swelling in his legs and elbows.  I loved the fact that you can embroider his name on the material, which I did.  It is a nice bed and I would recommend it.  Just have someone to help you assemble it.


Antioch, CA


Outlasts all other frame dog beds!


I purchased two of these beds in the XLG and SM sizes, and am trying to keep my large dog off the small bed!  They are so comfy apparently, that he doesn't mind curling up into a ball to try and keep from falling off the smaller bed!  The materials hold up in all weather extremes, are very durable, and come in plenty of colors to choose from.  The Cordura fabric is wonderful, and I'm debating on getting the comfy cushions that fit these beds for when my big dog gets a little older.  They are easy to clean, just hose them off and air dry.  I use a little non-toxic cleaner, such as Simple Green or Odo-Ban, and it really gets the grime off.  Being that there's no real metal anywhere, there's no rust to worry about either.  The sun so far hasn't caused any damage to the PVC parts which I thought might happen, and my beds are going on four years now.  They white becomes a little sun bleached, and turned a slight shade of off white, but I was expecting far worse!  After all, it is a dog bed that is outside all year long!


El Dorado Hills, CA


The best bed on the market


Being with an animal rescue group that finds homes for over 2,000 a year we are always looking for ways to have the sheltered animals live in comfort until their permanent homes can be found.  These beds can't be destroyed and the dogs love them.  Our rescue group has purchased over 50 of these beds and we are always in need of more.  I can't say enough wonderful things about these beds.  You won't be disappointed. 


Lonedell, MO


The Kuranda Dog Bed is wonderful


We bought the crate version of the Kuranda Dog Bed which can also be turned into the regular version and we love it! It took our dog a couple of days to get used to it but now it is the only place he wants to lay. 


Omaha, NE


Not comfy and too drafty


This dog bed ended up being too drafty for my dog, who is older and needs a more soft, "nesting" type bed. It didn't seem like my dog was comfortable on it. It's more of a bed that would work for more youthful dogs.


Palmer, AK




The Kuranda Beds are the best. Being an owner of 6 giant breed dogs and rescuing and fostering many dogs of all sizes throughout the year, I have tried many beds~the ones that state they are chew proof to almost indestructable, non of them lasted~they were always shredded within a week. Kuranda beds are comfortable and they allowairflow tohelp keep them cool in the summer. They are easy to clean and dry quickly.   I would suggest that anyone with a dog ,multiple dogs or rescues invest in the Kuranda Bed!


Wayne, NJ


Kuranda Dog Beds

4.5 10