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Kilo Kai
Kilo Kai Spiced Rum

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A spiced rum for the rum connoisseur


Kilo Kia is a very pleasant spiced rum for the sophisticated rum drinker.  It has a very mellow spice and an alluring sweetness. It is perfect simply on the rocks or if you like a reminder of the southern Caribbean it's always nice with a splash of pineapple and cranberry and a fair amount of orange juice. Throw a bit of amaretto and you'll swear your feet are sandy and you can hear faint sound of waves  =]

Pensacola, FL


Best rum around


Kilo Kai Rum - It's smooth, pure, and satisfying.  The minute it hits your tongue it's pure alcoholic enjoyment slides over the tastebuds and creates a long lasting, desireful effect asking you to try more.  Lusciously flowing through to your body, it leaves a warm, comforting feeling that makes your enjoy every second of it.  One of the best alcoholic drinks by far, it's definitely worth exploring when the occasion calls for it.

Boston, MA


Kilo Kai Spiced Rum

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