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Kashi Chicken Florentine

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Beware. Here there be monsters


Picked this one up at the college bookstore at UCLA for a quick meal. The taste was ok, but immediately it sat in my stomach like a knot. An hour afterwards I was doubled over in pain with stomach cramps. This lasted all night until about 4am, with multiple puking sessions. Apparently Kashi also has problems with Golean crunch and abdominal problems (according to other internet reviews). Well those problems extend to this product. It was a horrible experience that I will never repeat. You've been warned.



Bland, Good For Me, But Bland!


***Bottom-Line***: Needless to say, I do not necessarily recommend Kashi **All Natural Chicken Florentine.**  There is very little truth in advertising, and this is ever so glaring in food advertising. For example, when was the last time you got a sandwich from Quizno's that actually looked anything like the ones on the television and print advertisements?  Me; never!  And so it is too with pictures on the box of any frozen food product.  The picture promises so much, but the actual food product more-often-than-not fails to deliver.  Such is the case with the new Kashi **All Natural Chicken Florentine** product, which is supposed to be a tasty amalgam of "*Grilled Chicken Breast with Spinach, Sweet Red Peppers & Baby Portobello Mushrooms,"* as well as *"Kashi 7 Whole Grains & Sesame with Orzo Pilaf" *in a "*Garlic White Wine Sauce Topped with Shredded Parmesan Cheese."*  Funny how the product failed to taste anything like the forgoing; in fact there was hardly any taste at all.  It seems like the *"seven whole grains on a mission"* could use some flavor.   The (nutritional) premise is sound enough, but with 22 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber just add a little salt, perhaps some BBQ sauce, and you might have an editable meal.  The instructions indicate that one should microwave the **All Natural Chicken Florentine** on high for 4:30.  When it came out, the garlic wine sauce was nowhere in evidence and where oh where was the shredded parmesan cheese?  But then I really didn't expect a taste explosion from a frozen food, and truth be told the only reason I brought the product was because I had a coupon that made it, well, free of charge.   Needless to say, I do not necessarily recommend Kashi **All Natural Chicken Florentine.**  Like all frozen food products, this one could use an infusion of (real) taste.  In addition to the aforementioned entrée Kashi also offers the following entrée's:   - o *Black Bean Mango* - o *Pesto Pasta Primavera* - o *Chicken Pasta Pomodoro* - o *Lemon Rosemary Chicken* - o *Lemongrass Coconut Chicken* - o *Lime Cilantro Shrimp* - o *Southwest Style Chicken* - o *Sweet & Sour Chicken * **Nutritional Information ** *Servicing information:* One serving (1 entrée) of **All Natural Chicken Florentine** contains 290 Calories, 9.0 grams of fat (including 4.5 gram of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat), <45mg of Cholesterol, <550mg of Sodium, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 22 grams of protein.   

Aurora, IL


entrees full of flavor


Kashi has out done themselves with their dinner entries. this particular entree is delicious and it's quick and easy to fix. pop it in the microwave for approximated 3-4 minutes and wear oven mitts because it will be hot!  I am  a picky eater! I don't eat mushrooms, spinach, green beans, squash, etc. little did i know was this particualr entree had the spinach and mushrooms, didn't realise it til I cleaned the bowl it came in (it was that good) what I like most about this entree is that it's made with all natural ingredients and it's well portioned, plus it's filling! I highly recommend trying this entree along with the lemongrass coconut chicken, and the sweet and sour chicken. I remember receiving the coupon to try one of their entrees for free, the lemongrass chicken was the first one I tried, then the chicken florentine, and then the sweet and sour. I am hooked on Kashi!

Sacramento, CA


Move over tampons and make room for Kashi Chicken Florentine!


I had no intention of trying the **Kashi Chicken Florentine **microwaveable frozen meal, however a good sale along with a coupon, rendered it irresistable. So I made room in my shopping cart (move on over tampons) and in it went. Per the box, this meal contains "grilled chicken breast with spinach, sweet red peppers & baby portobello mushrooms, Kashi 7 whole grains & sesame with orzo pilaf garlic white wine sauce topped with shredded parmesan cheese." Wow, that's a whole lot of something in such a small box. But did it taste as good as it sounded? Keep reading.... I don't eat many frozen meals (ice cream isn't a meal, right?) so I had forgotten about this until today. The picture on the front of the box looks amazing but I had my doubts that this meal was going to taste as good as it looked. Surprisingly, it was very tasty. And wow, was it filling too. There was plenty of orzo pilaf and enough chicken, mushrooms, and veggies to make this extremely satisfying. While I can't say this meal is bland, it could have used a bit more seasoning or spices (or maybe a splash of wine), hence the four stars instead of five. Nutrition-wise, I was very happy with this meal, which clocks in at 290 calories, 9g fat (4.5g saturated fat), 550mg sodium, 31g carbohydrates, 5g fiber, and 22g of protein. At less than 300 calories, I can justify eating a *Twinkie *afterwards (just the single, not the twin pack). I really liked the **Kashi Chicken Florentine **frozen meal and will purchase this again (when it's on sale, of course). It's tasty, filling, and nestles nicely in my shopping cart next to the tampons.



Delicious and filling!


I'm generally a little apprehensive about frozen entrees, as the portions, while correct, are smaller than what we've become accustomed to. I found this dish highly flavorful with tender chicken, just-right vegetables and good grain texture. I was surprised that it was as creamy as it was - all over a very delicious lunch. I am completely satisfied after this 290 calorie entree, which is really saying something - I'm always hungry! Thrilled to make this discovery - I'll stock up for those days when I'm too busy to go out or make something. I'd recommend this without reservation.

Nazareth, PA


This frozen dinner was a disappointment


I'm not sorry for getting this free meal. It was advertised in March. I am sorry that the stores didn't have much of a selection. The Kashi Chicken Florentine was disappointing because there wasn't enough meat or vegetables in the entree, but the sesame and Orzo Pilaf filled the tray. I felt like I ate the Italian version of Chinese take out. You know, I was looking for something else in two hours. I ended up eating toast.  When I buy frozen dinners, I like my trays full when they come out of the package. This one looked empty by three-fourths. I will agree that all is not lost. I do plan to try some of the other meals.

Wichita Falls, TX


Kashi Chicken Florentine

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