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Joseph Joseph
Joseph Joseph Square Colander

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A bit small for large jobs


I bought this colander earlier this year because I wanted something a bit smaller and easier to clean than my old metal colander which tends to rust. I find myself turning to this colander for most draining needs, especially when I'm cooking for just me and my husband as it's more suited for smaller draining jobs. If I'm cooking a whole pound of pasta this colander is sometimes a bit too small and I lose some of it down the drain. This colander is much easier to clean than the metal one as well, especially if I don't get to rinsing and washing it right away. Food just doesn't stick to it like it does to the metal. It also doesn't retain heat like the metal colander either which can be a good or a bad thing, but for me, it's a good thing. Design Fits in my small sink easier than a larger or a round colander and the handle is very nice as well.

Annapolis, MD


I use this square shaped colander every day and love it!


This colander is attractive, functional and very well made! It's just the right size for everything I need - from straining pasta, to rinsing fruit. Ease of Cleaning With metal colanders, if you're rinsing fruit often berries get stuck in between the wires, and they are very difficult to clean. I've never had an issue cleaning this at all. I just hand rinse, and I'm done! Durability I can't imagine it breaking ever. I've had colanders melt when putting them on top of warm pots after draining pasta, but not this one. It's lasted me a long time. Design Since the bottom is a bit square, it completely stands on it's own. Other colanders make it difficult to set them down on the counter without the contents pouring out. I also love the convenient handle tucked into the side and the adorable green color.

Chicago, IL


Joseph Joseph Square Colander

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