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Food Network Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander

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Functional but not the best


I have personally owned three types of collapsible colanders in the past few years. I tend to lend them out for dinner parties, break them, or in this case crack them so they do no longer do the job. I liked the idea of this when I saw it in the store, it would fit right over my sink and allow me to clean my produce, strain my pasta, and not make a huge mess nor worry about rising water in the sink if I was rinsing something and having it touch the bottom of my food. That is about the only perk. The product is made of a plastic that seems to disintegrate about a short time. It pops out to use and folds back flat for easy storage but the handles are the problem. At first I blamed my husband thinking he cracked it while washing or jammed it into a cabinet. In reality once I got the second one I found that weight plays a big roll in the handles not creasing to later break. I would say perfect for fruit and vegetables but watch out if you are making big batches of pasta. When you pour it in and the weight gets to be too much you will see white line cracking in the handles. I had to go back to a metal colander after breaking 2 of these and melting another brands bottom! Great idea but need sturdier materials!



Great Collander out there


I am always watching the food network and I guess you could call me a foodie. I have so many kitchen products. When I saw this I thougjt it was such a great idea. My old collander was taking up so much room in my cabinet I wish I would have had gotten this earlier. I love that it collipses to fit into the cabinet but I also love that the handles expand on the side of the collander so that it can fit different size sinks. It also has great rubber stoppers on the bottom so it is not scratching your counters or moving all around when you are trying to dump hot water into it. It is 29.99 which to me is expensive for a collanfer. This would be a good present for someone who may not spend that much money on themselves for a simple kitchen gadget but would be lucky to get it. I would wait til they go on sale and use a coupon but it is worth getting Ease of Cleaning Alot of collanders small holes are very hard to actually get clean but i do not have that problem with this one. It is very easy to clean. Durability Even though it is plastic I think it is very strong plastic and very durable. Design I like that it has bright colors to stand out in a kitchen yet white to be sutle.



Food Network Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander

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