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Jon Donaire
Jon Donaire Banna split ice cream cake

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Banna split ice cream cake, oh so yummy!


My daughter turned 17 yesterday and each year she askes for an ice cream cake, so this year I did some looking around, compairing prices and I found the best one at Walmart.  Its a banna split ice cream cake. There were other flavors also, cookies and cream and cookie dough, but she loves banna slit so thats the one I purchased. I had never seen the brand name before, Jon Donaire, but it looked really good and the price was great, just 12.88, others I had found range from 15-25.00, a bit much I thought.  I got it home and opened it up, very nice looking, I think a few more topping could have been added, but overall it was fine.  It was chocolate, strawberry & banna ice cream.  It sits on a fudge covered chocolate crust, thats like a big cookie. The toppings were, cherries, marshmellows and almonds, and also had swirls of choclolate syrup over the top of the cake.  Before serving, I added some carmel sryup, and more cherries, and a bit more choclate sryup.  The ice cream cake was so good, very creamy and it really did taste like a banna split, my daughter loved it, and so did everyone else. If your looking for an ice cream cake, I would suggest looking at Walmart.

In the sun, FL


Jon Donaire Banna split ice cream cake

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