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John Deere
John Deere Lawn Tractor

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If you are looking for a 4-wheel mower, this is the one for you! This John Deere x740 Riding lawn mower is perfect for someone with big yards. Overall this was a great mower. We have had this mower for 4 years and have never had a problem with it. The mower does great on all types of ground. It has seen rough ground to flat ground. This mower has met my expectation and then some. Performance It was really only suitable for all types of ground. The ground can be uneven and does a great job of mowing. Has enough power to climb hills if needed. This machine can do this all. It does a great job. Handling The handling is perfect. I go over some uneven surfaces and the mower handles it well. Durability I have not had replace anything expect for blades. Easy to change. Safety This mower has an open operator station in it, meaning it will not protect you if you rollover. Has a wide wheel base of 55-inches. Not very easy to tip but still can. This lawn mower is also equipped with auto shut off if get up of the seat. Ease of Use It's easy to use but it isn't as powerful as it needs to be and it isn't any good at any sort of incline. If one side is even two inches higher than the other, the mower is just too overwhelmed. Engine Power The mower has a 24-horse power motor, it has plenty of power for its 62-inch deck to run at optimal running speeds Comfortability The operator's set is 18-inch and a 7inch slide to adjust to optimal length of the operator. This mower has a cup hold that I use every time I'm on it. The steering wheel tilts so I can make it easier to get off and on. Also, has a 12-volt charger so you can charge your phone well mowing your yard. I would highly recommend this mower to someone seeking a mower that does large amount of mowing. This mower can run with the best of them. It has plenty of power for any hill to climb, or it can cover a lot of ground quickly. If you have a chance to buy this mower do it.

Ames, Iowa


John Deere X740 Ulitmate diesel lawn mower


OK, first I have to say that my John Deere is my baby. I am soley responsible for all of my lawn work and I could not do it without this mower. I live in the country and have over five acres to keep up with. It is rough terrain with some steep hills. The X740 has the power and speed to get the job done. I have the Edgextra 62 inch cutting system the large size speeds up my mowing time. The blade height is very easy to adjust and always gives me a clean even cut. It has a foot operated differential lock to give me extra traction when I am doing the hills and power steering makes maneuvering easy. The seat is adjustable with a sliding lock, I am short so this helps me reach the pedals. It comes with halogen headlights that are great when dusk sets in, they are very bright. I like the back up features on this model. There is a backup light and a warning beep. If you forget to shut down the blades it automatically shuts off as soon as you start to back up. The X740 gives a very smooth ride. I had upgraded from a JD455 and this one rides way smoother. It includes a cup holder, 12-volt power outlet and a little tool box mounted on the side. There are many attachments available for this nodel and I hope to purchase a loader for it next year. Like I said before, this mower makes my lawn work so much easier and I cannot recommened it enough.

Rural Retreat, VA


John Deere Lawn Tractor

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