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Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean All Natural Hot Pork Sausage

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This is THE pork sausage I will buy from now on.


I try to buy as much natural and/or organic products as possible in all areas of my life.  Some things just cost too much to buy "natural", but some are definitely worth it to me.  In the case of **Jimmy Dean All Natural Hot Pork Sausage**, I don't have to compromise.  It is all natural *and *inexpensive.  In fact, it was only a couple cents more expensive than the regular Jimmy Dean sausage at my local commissary. I was buying ingredients to make one of my husband's favorite meals: Stuffed French Bread Pizza, which requires hot Italian sausage.  I was going to buy the sausage that I normally buy, when I saw the new Jimmy Dean line of all natural pork products.  The **Jimmy Dean All Natural Hot Pork Sausage **is not hot Italian sausage, but since it was hot, I figured I could add some seasonings to it while it was cooking. Jimmy Dean All Natural Hot Pork Sausage** **comes in a 16 oz. tube like their other sausages.  The package states that it is minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients.   I was wondering what ingredients made *this* sausage and the regular, unnatural Jimmy Dean Hot Pork Sausage different.  Below I have listed the ingredients for each product. **Jimmy Dean *All Natural *Hot Pork Sausage: **pork, water, salt, sage, red pepper, sugar, black pepper, white pepper, spice extractives. **Jimmy Dean Hot Pork Sausage: **pork, water, corn syrup, salt, spices, sugar, monosodium glutamate. Right now Jimmy Dean is only making two *all natural *products: Hot Pork Sausage and Regular Pork Sausage - both in a 16 oz. tube.  Hopefully they will add more products to this list, but as least they have jumped on the bandwagon. It seems as though corn syrup, MSG and the addition of spices is what separates these two sausages.  Since the all natural sausage tasted delicious and is reasonably priced, I have no reason to buy any other pork sausage besides - **Jimmy Dean All Natural Hot Pork Sausage**.     .        

Camp Lejeune, NC


Jimmy Dean All Natural Hot Pork Sausage

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