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Jenn-Air Electric Double Oven JMW9527DA

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Double Lovin' My Double Oven!


When my husband and I bought our first home, we knew the appliances would need an upgrade but we didn't expect our oven to completely die on us two months after moving in. Luckily our local ReStore had just got this beauty in and sold it to us for a song. It was a breeze to install and works beautifully. It preheats quickly and is true to its temperature. Even the little timer makes a nice loud noise! We found the missing owners manual available for easy download online but it was really unnecessary because the settings are all very simple to figure out. I really can't think of anything negative to say. It's a good size, self-cleaning and effective. Plus it's an incredible convenience being able to cook a turkey and heat rolls at the same time. High scores for durability too. We've had our oven for over three years and it's still going strong. We've never had a single issue or service call on it.




This oven has been repaired twice and still does't cook properly


This oven has has been repaired twice and still doesn't cook properly.  The store which I bought it from, Dan's Maytag in Salt Lake, has terrible customer service, too!  I wish I would have stuck with my Kenmore.  Jenn Air has terrible quality.  NOT happy at all


Sandy, UT


great looking ovens, cook great too!


I have really enjoyed my Jenair double ovens.  They look great in our kitchen and have performed very well over the past two years.  The attractive ovens have all sorts of fancy features and functions.  One of my favorite it the meat thermometer and setting that allows the oven to shut off at a certain temperature.  Although I have only used this feature once or twice it is definately cool.  The oven is very easy to clean.  The cook and hold function is also really nice.  It has bread proofing.  It preheats quickly.  It can cook multiple things at once and does a pretty good job at it.  I have never had any problems with this oven.  It comes with a lot of different racks, allowing for many different set ups and configurations on the inside.  For anyone wondering if they need two ovens or not, I love it.  I think it looks really great, and the two or three times a year when I fill them all up, I am really glad I have it.  In the overall scheme of things it is not that much more than a single oven, when you compare it to the total cost of your house!  Definately worth it.


Bountiful, UT


I wouldn't buy the Jenn Air - Electric Double Oven again


The Jenn - Air electric double oven is disappointing.  The doors leave a gap when closed allowing heat to escape.  Roasting or baking always takes 10 - 15 more time to cook than recommended by the recipe.  The automatic cleaning does work well.


Tulsa, OK


Great Oven for the Money!


We've had the Jenn Air Convection Oven for over a year and are very happy with it. The convection feature decreases cooking time and cooks the items evenly.  I love the multitude of options depending on what is being baked/roasted etc. The fan does continue to work even when the oven is turned off for cooling the unit down. My mom has a Kitchen Aid and this oven does a better job!


Plessis, NY


Worth the money!


We installed our new Jenn-Air Electric Double oven and it's great. What a difference from our old stove/oven combination. It heats up quickly and when it's turned off the fan runs until the oven is cooled down. It bakes even and has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from Jenn-Air. I'm sure if you purchase this double oven you won't be disappointed!


Delavan, WI


Jenn-Air Electric Double Oven JMW9527DA

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