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Janome Juno Serger

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This is a great it.


I've been sewing for over 35 years and I love this machine. I came home, sat down, worked through the book, and we instantly became best friends. As far as threading, all sergers are going to be a bit of a pain to serge unless you buy one that automatically thread. Once you do it right, once, you'll do it right forever. I also had no problems understanding the manual. The machine can keep up with me and I'm very fast. I've never had an issue with it. They do need oiled and I easily learned to do that myself, too. Oh...the first time I tried threading it, I cried, but then I learned to use the tweezers...yeah, I can be slow like that sometimes. Now, it's a walk in the park. Plus, you can buy a little tool that helps with threading even more. It's a loop, you push it through to the side your thread will be coming in, slip the thread in it, and pull...tada! Like I said, a walk in the park. It also has an adjustable pressure gauge for the foot...all you need is a screwdriver to adjust. I can't stand a machine that does not have that. It does rolled hemming, narrow hemming, picot edging. You'll have to learn to adjust the will be different for three thread or four, but the tension adjustments for the rolled hemming, narrow hemming, and picot edging are in the book. To help you set tension, set all to 4 and then make minor adjustments.




Threading is a real problem on my Janome 8002D.


It works like it suppose to but when you change the thread then the problem begins. The video is fine, but my machine happens to be inside a plastic case. Thread spool # 1 is the problem. There is very little room to see what you're doing much less thread it. The video doesn't mention if you're to guide the thread through the loop (the last thread stop before you thread the little I hole. The thread keeps breaking. Ease of Use threading spool # 1 far right is the problem. I have arthritis and very short fingers. Using the long tweezers doesn't help. How do you get the thread into the pick up slot (located under the feeddog) before threading the I-hole ?? Are you suppose to run the thread between the little plyers or shove it into the loop before advancing the thread to the i-hole below the feeddog? Versatility I didn't realize it was actually a serger and sewing machine until I got it. Don't like this feature. Too much hassle disconnecting the knife and removing the left needle. Design Not enough room below to reach with ease all the loop hole,etc. to thread it correctly. By the way where are the nets or spool stoppers your suppose to get? Durability Oh it's going to last a long, long time as it is sitting on the sewing table, has been there for 3 months now. Would love to use this expensive machine. Is anybody listening?




my janome juno is confusing


i have been sewing for about forty years and just knew i had to have a serger. i have a janome sewing machine and i love it so when i started looking for a serger i thought the janome juno would be a natural place to start. i found it on sale a grabbed it. the first thing i did when i got home was to get out the instructions and start reading. the more i read, the more confused i got. it stayed in the box for a while because i figured that if i couldn't even figure out how to thread the darn thing, why even take it out of the box. you need a masters degree to understand the threading process alone. i thought that i had been sewing for so long that i wouldn't have any trouble. i was wrong. the actual quality and value of the janome juno is great, but the instruction manual leaves alot to be desired. my juno and i are starting to get along better as time goes on, but we have had some long talks! Ease of Use after a whole lot of practice!


Eatonton, GA


What a disappointment!


This has got to be the worst sewing machine(serger) ever made. I have been sewing with an overlock on a Pfaff for 12+ years and was dying to get a serger after hearing how wonderful they are. Saved the money to buy it when it was on sale and have NEVER been so disappointed with a piece of equipment in my life! It was a joke. Had to use a flashlight and tweezers to thread the darn thing. It did not save me time like I had heard a serger would do. It wasted much of my time and I finally walked out to my dumpster and dropped it in because it was the biggest piece of junk I have ever bought. I will be very wary of considering another serger after this experience. They are not all everyone cracks them up to be or I have been sewing with an overlock stitch and trimming my own seams for too long!


Reidville, SC


can do so much with this machine


I can't believe how much I can do with this machine. I was hesitant spending the money on it, but now that I have it, I'm so glad that I did. It is quick and quiet and I can do all kinds of projects in a snap Things that I used to turn and top stitch, I can now just serge. Things that need a rolled hem, get a beautiful one in just minutes. Wow. This is definitely a keeper!   If you read the directions, this is not that hard to use at all! Also, you just thread it once!


Mankato, MN


wonderful addition to sewing room


i purchased my serger and couldnt wait until it arrived.  it is a dream it works wonderfully easy to operate and very sturdy.  this is definitely one for any level sewer. and a wonderful addition to any sewing room.


Daytona Beach, FL


It is a wonderful machine to have.


     The instruction booklet should be relabeled serger for dummies because it was so reassuring, had plenty of pictures, and easy to understand instructions especially for someone like myself that knows enough to just between the beginner and the intermediate level of sewing to get confused at the drop of a pin when something is made overly complicated.  Thank you Janome for having people like me in your thought process when making this machine and the instructions to go along with it.  This is my first serger machine and I am so excited.


Katy, TX


Absofrikin awesome!!!!!


After playing with different sergers for years I finally got to buy one. I choose the Janome Juno 3434D based on price & performance. This serger has all of the capabilities of the more expensive models and runs like a dream, I absolutely love it and have tons of projects planned for it. Janome's quality and reliability is excellent, my sewing machine is also a Janome and I would not hesitate to buy another.


Odessa, TX


Janome Juno Serger

4.0 8