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Jack's Special Salsa in Medium Hot

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My taste buds say, "Please, suh, can I have some more?"


**This product in a nutshell:** is by and large the most flavorful and fresh-tasting salsa that I have ever tasted!  It is fantastically delightful and my refrigerator is never without!  Jack's Special Salsa is manufactured by Garden Fresh Salsa, Inc, a grassroots company started by a guy (Guess what?  His name is...wait for it, wait for it....JACK!) who hit it big on the food trade show market.  Now his chips, dips, and salsa are available in smaller retailers in almost every state.  I found this product while gingerly perusing the aisles at my local discount store that sells groceries, knick-knacks, and everything in between.  I love spicy food and chips and salsa are a great way for a junk foodie like me to satisfy my snack cravings without a lot of fat and carbs.  Jack's Special Salsa in Medium Hot comes in a 16-oz plastic tub and since it is packaged fresh, I found it in the refrigerated aisle next to the produce section.  When I first tried this product, the juicy aroma of fresh tomatoes and spices filled the air.  With Triscuits, I dipped into the salsa and all I could say was, "Dang!"  This salsa is delicious and so fresh-tasting!  The tomatoes were so ripe and the not-very-chunky-consistency made this salsa so easy to enjoy.  I just kept on dipping.  As for the hotness factor, I can stand a very garlic-y, hot salsa.  Jack's Special Salsa in Medium Hot definitely has some zing, but has a note of sweetness to it that really allows the onion taste to come through without being too overwhelming.  Overall, I felt this product was extremely tasty and would serve as a great topper to any mexican dish and works great for dipping, too!  I ate this salsa with Reduced Sodium Triscuits and it was a healthy, satisfying snack! **I give this product 5/5 stars because: **it is a delicious, preservative-free treat that tastes so fresh.  (And when I say fresh, I mean it tastes like I had just made it!)  I would definitely recommend this product to any person that loves to put the zing in their snack time!

Mentor, OH


Jack's Special Salsa in Medium Hot

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