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Archer Farms
Archer Farms Cocoa Chile Mole

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You tricked me once, but never again


**Don't let the word MOLE fool you........**Archer Farms suckered me once, they won't fool me again.  I was rushing through a big-box store (Target?  Wal-Mart?  not sure....) and continued my failed search for Knorr's Mole' in a Box (which is incredible, by the way).  I DID see Dona condensed Mole' (which is ALSO great).  But stupid me, I tried something new, and boy, was I sorry. **Not Your Grandmother's Mole'**I have made mole' sauce from scratch.  It's a lot of work, and I can honestly say that the two tasty brands I mentioned are far better than putting in 6 hours of hard labor.   The minute I opened the Archer Farms sauce, I was concerned.  It didn't smell like mole' sauce.  That's when I read the label, two hours too late. **Weird and/or Terrible Ingredients**Apple Cider, orange juice, orange peel and cocoa powder.........need I say more?  No ancho chiles, no dark chocolate, just.........YUCK.  I use mole'  sauce on cheese-and-chicken-and-walnut stuffed poblanos, and the thought of apple cider and orange juice mixed with my cheese was just........awful.  As for cocoa powder, that is sinful, and gives this sauce a powdery taste that is simply unbearable.   The Bottom Line:  ***Libby Loathes It.***  

Sanibel, FL


Archer Farms Cocoa Chile Mole

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