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Intex Saltwater Filter

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It's junk!


This product is junk. I've owned two of these and they only work the first season you buy it. The last one I owned was used for 1 month then I took down my pool and this year it won't turn on. And their warranty lasts for 1 year only. And they are a PAIN to deal with. Can't hardly understand their English and they won't transfer to someone who speaks clear. It takes them a week to process your claim and another 2 weeks till you get the product. They are a joke! I will never purchase one of these again!! Very very very disappointed. Save your money! Don't buy this!!!!


Seminole Texas


Intex Saltwater Filter - Should've Switched Sooner!


Why didn't I ever find this sooner? I feel so amazed at how many benefits it has given to me. So hating the things that chlorine had always given to me in my backyard pool (bad skin, swimsuits degrading, lots of maintainence, expensive), I decided to go through the saltwater route and boy, I am so glad that I had switched! So overall, I decided to go with the Intex Saltwater Filter and after using it for about a month, I do have to say that there is definitely less maintence to it and with the saltwater system, I have saved so much money and best of all, my hair and skin feels better after leaving the pool. In addition, my swimsuits don't disintegrate. All of these were HUGE pluses to me. Cons wise, I can't even think of any. This thing is so durable and amazing that I don't think I can live without it. I'll be sure to go with Intex next time. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that has a saltwater system implemented inside their backyard or property.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Works Great


Time will tell if this is really a durable quality product. I've used the saltwater system for 2 years now and am pleased so far. I really like the benefits of going to the saltwater instead of the chlorine. There is still some maintenance for the pool, so its not magically maintenance free, but the maintenance is much easier than with chlorine. It's easy to set up and seems to be compatible with many of intex pools.


Kathleen, GA


Great Filter, Some Problems Functioning


We have been using this filter on our Intex pool for 2 years and I just will never go back to chlorine.  We buy a few bags of water softener salt each year and that is it for chemicals.  Don't waste your money going to the pool store for pool salt.  The salt water chlorinator keeps the water crystal clear.  If you have too much or too little, the chlorinator beeps with a corresponding number.  It also beeps if there is low water flow which is usually from need to replace the filter.  The only problem that we have had with ours is that it sometimes shuts itself off and will not go on the next day unless you go out and unplug it and plug it back in and turn it back on.  This makes for a difficult time when we are away for a week or so at a time in the summer and we have come home to a green pool.  I am not sure what the problem is, but it will not stay running for more than 3 or 4 days at a time anymore.  If it were not for that issue, I would definitely give it five stars.


Southbury, CT


Saltwater pool filter by Intex...why didn't I switch sooner??


My parents invested in an Intex above ground pool for the grandchildren last summer.  Unfortunately, the filter that came with the pool had many problems.  It was constantly a struggle using the chlorine and getting the proper pH balance that was safe enough for the children to swim in.  When the children were able to swim, they complained of their eyes hurting and their skin was always dry.  Fortunately, this year we made the decision to invest in a saltwater pool filter also made by Intex.  It took a little bit of time to get used to the new system but the guide provided with the filter gave us all of the information we needed.  The filter had an alarm that sounds when the salt content is lower than it should be.  Immediately we noticed no missed swimming days and the kids did not complain about their eyes burning.  On big change I noticed was their hair was not dry as it had been when using the chlorine system.  There are no cons at all, in fact, I have recommended it to several of my friends who have now changed over their filters as well.


Keller, TX


love this pool filter


The Intex saltwater filter was so easy to install (they even send you every kind of connector you will need) and I took 20 minutes to glance over the instructions and I was done. It's been running for two weeks now and the pool is perfect. By the way, for those of you thinking about switching to salt water, it is a must. I spent 5 hours in the pool saturday with my son and my eyes were fine and there is no taste. Two weeks after adding salt I have not had to add more. The pump will also tell you when the salt is low. For those of you that may have an old Insta-Pool(like me)just use the hose clamps they give you to attach the pump not the other connectors they send. But, if you are cleaning the pump you must block the in and out hoses with the flaps on the pool.  I would definitely recommend looking at this pump system if you are looking for a serious solution to your pool filtering needs. 


Charlotte, MI


should have switched to the salt filter sooner!


I bought this filter after ruining two pools with chlorine. im a novice pool owner and over time the chlorine ended up "eating" the liner of my pool. i found this salt filter and thought it would be better for the pool and us. It was fairly simple to install and run. i purchased the salt from my local home improvement store. it makes the water "soft" and is a lot easier on the skin, hair, eyes, and pool itself! i had a bit of difficulty with the hose connecting to skimmer pump but in the end i took the (supplied) adapter off the hose and bought an oring that would fit my pump and made sure it was real tight. so far its working great. The hose that pumps the water back into the pool is a bit too short therefore i had to put the entire unit up on blocks, but i have a four foot pool. make sure you keep the instruction manual because it has a list of all the different codes and there are a lot of them!


Poplar Bluff, MO


Intex Salt Filter, Saves Money, and Easy on Your Skin & Hair!


We have had swimming pools for over 10 years now and have used chlorine in our pool which is very hard on the pool, your eyes, skin, and wallet.  I love this new salt water system by Intex.  We have used it for 2 seasons for our above ground pool which is 52" high and 24' round.  It treats the pool perfectly.  Salt is much less expensive and it is very easy to maintain our pool now.  When you get in the water it feels so soft.  It is slightly salty, but not more so than a human tear.  When you are done swimming your hair is nice and soft and you don't feel like you have to rinse all the pool water off.  It is not irritating to the eyes at all.  It pays for itself within 1 season if you count the supershock you should treat your pool with and all of the endless trips to the store for the regular chlorine.  The chlorine is also dangerous whereas the salt is not.  I would highly recommend the Intex Salt Water Pool Filter.  It works easily with your regular filter.


Tecumseh, KS


I absolutely LOVE the salt water filter system!!!


My husband and I live in North Carolina, and have an above ground pool. We have had the pool for going on three years. The first year and a half, we had a chemical pool which the first year was great. The next year we started having problems. When we first put it up and got it running it was going good. We were in pool almost everyday and had a blast, then the problems started with the chemical tests were off. One day we were add pH up, then the next we had to add pH down. Adding clorine and shocking the pool every week was no fun and cost so much. The amount of money we spent on the chemicals alone could make me cry all over again. The water bill was crazy because we drained the pool at least three times the first summer, and once the next year due to the pool turning green and would not clear up. After shocking the pool and trying to get chemicals balanced, we were about to give up and take pool down. We figured it was a waste of money to keep trying to fix the problem. The second summer having the pool we didn't get in it much due to the chemical problems. I told my neighbor (who has maintained pools in the past) about what was going on and she told  us about the salt water filter system. So, we did some research and comparing chemical to saline prices, we decided to give it a try. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the salt water filter system. There are no chemicals, crystal clear water, no chemical smell on skin or hair. The salt water system attaches to your regular filter which was so easy. You add the recommended amount of salt, set up to start filter through (which is "step by step" easy) and that is it, the system does the rest. On the salt water system, it has a chart that tells you any errors such as there is too much salt, not enough salt, water pressure is off, etc. and it is coded with numbers.  The salt water filter system is a no-brainer when it comes to having a pool that is crystal clear and it leaves your skin soft and silky. It is not like ocean water where it makes your skin feel stiff and covered in salt after you dry, it is table salt that dissolves in water. There is no salt smell, it smells clean and refreshing.  We are loving the fact that we don't have to waste time on testing and money on chemicals and enjoying all the time we have to spend in the pool. A quick story to tell, I had called a friend of mine, on a hot summer day, and asked if she wanted to bring her daughter over to swim. She was hesitant about it because her daughter has very sensitive skin. After I told her it was a saltwater pool, she brought her over. She had never heard of a saltwater filter system for a pool. So, we stood around in pool while her daughter was swimming and I was telling her all about the salt water system. She was so impressed and noticed that there was no chemical smell, the water was so clear, and how soft her hands felt. She was sold and went out bought a pool and the saltwater system. She loves it as well as her daughter. I would recommend this to everyone that has a pool. It doesn't matter if it is above or in ground pool or the size of the pool, this is salt water system will save you lots of money and you will enjoy the results that this system provides. I am so pleased with the saltwater filter system and I will never have a chemical pool again.


Winterville, NC


Salt instead of Chlorine is a life saver.


We switched to using salt instead of chlorine before this last summer, and we absolutely love it.  The salt is so much easier on your hair (you don't get that straw for hair), and your skin feels absolutely smooth instead of drying out like with chlorine.


Southaven, MS


Intex Saltwater Filter

4.4 10