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Banzai Speed Slide Water Park - 633768


633768 Speed Slide Water Park

  • race through the speed arches!
  • climb up and plunge into fun!

Rev up the fun this summer with the Speed Slide Water Park! Make your way up the climbing wall and take a deep breath before racing under the colorful arches and landing with a giant splash. With the included continuous airflow blower, all this fun inflates in less than 3 minutes. It’s water park fun in your own backyard!

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Constant Fun


With the increasing amounts of chlorine used in our neighborhood pools, I wanted a wet alternative for our kids right in my own backyard. The Banzai Speed Slide Water Park is amazing! It provides hours of safe, wet fun (not to mention great exercise) without all of the germs and safety hazards of a public pool. I have no fears when my children run on this mini water park...that's half the fun! It truly is like having our very own water park! Our kids' friends and friends' kids all love it! The Banzai Speed Slide inflates in under five minutes, the exact time is probably closer to about three minutes. So, it's perfect for spur of the moment decisions for activities. I love that I don't have to commit an entire day to blowing it up. It also has continual airflow, so there's no need to keep reinflating it. The designers really thought of everything. This whole system has so many fun options, including everything from a climbing wall, spraying arches and a little pool to splash in at the bottom!




Fun water slide for the entire family


Instead of going out and buying another boring pool, I had wanted to give my daughter and her many friends something new to play with and on for the long hot summer ahead. After much deliberation I decided to go ahead and buy this one. This met my expectations as well as the expecations of my daughter and all of her friends. It has withstood the test of time and as we all know kids can be extremely hard and tough on things. The more kids you have, the less likelihood you will have nice things. It is just common knowledge. We have used this toy almost every day last summer and my daughter is already asking about if we can set it up and it is only February. Knowing that she is so excited and can not wait to get out and play again is definitely worth the money. All water slides like this one are investments and it is an investment that I am extremely grateful that I made. It will be in the family for a long time to come.


Boise, ID


Super fun summer toy!


My son doesn't quite know how to swim yet but I didn't want him to miss out on some fun water time over the summer so I got him the Banzai Speed Slide Water Park. I was initially disappointed because the product in the picture looks considerably larger than what I ended up with. I'd say it's at least two feet shorter than it looks and I wasn't too pleased with that. The pool part of it also looks a lot bigger in the picture than it actually is. With the size issues I had aside, it actually is a fun little water slide and pool. It's brightly colored which is fun and attractive for the kids, little ones especially. The way to climb up the slide gets a little tricky for the less coordinated kids but it's not bad. We found the best way to get down the slide is to run the hose down it, otherwise the kids have a habit of getting stuck and it becomes more of a "scootch" than a slide. My son had lots of fun on it, but I wish it had been a little more like it was in the picture.




Not well crafted and smaller than pictured


I picked up the Banzai Speed Slide Water Park for the little ones in my family and sadly it didn't even last until the end of summer. After inflation I noticed that the stitching on this water park was loose and appeared to be rushed. I also noticed that the this water park is extremely small compared to the picture on the box. Once fully inflated and filled with water is does provide a nice cool time in the sun, but the slide literally is 1 second long. Despite only being 1 second long the slide still presents a safety issue. Instead of my nephew coming to a smooth stop at the bottom of the ramp he is sent sliding 3-4 feet outside of the water park onto the grass. It's not a major concern because it's out in the open with plenty of grass around, but I wouldn't feel safe if it was on concrete or facing the street. This water park ended up coming a loose at the seams under the bottom and it couldn't maintain any air. I tried using the repair patches that came with it, but once I fixed a leak another one would pop up. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Banzai Speed Slide Water Park because it is poorly constructed and quite small.


Westchester, IL


Banzai Speed Slide Water Park - 633768

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