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Interboro Insurance

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Absolutely unacceptable service. It is currently taking more than 3.5 months to close a claim. Always takes more than 2 weeks to address one inquiry. Never communicates directly to the insured. The customer service woman is very unhelpful and does not have any information whatsoever on status of the claim. Totally unhappy with this insurance company.




Interboro home insurance


This is a terrible company to deal with. If you call their customer service and don't have your question answered they won't send you to anyone else. Apparently their customer service is the last line of help. I canceled my policy and it is going to take over 3 weeks to get the money refunded. How is possible in today's age of computers that something like that should take so long. No one will tell me why besides- thats the policy. Avoid this company. I would have hated to have had a claim with them.


Garden City, NY


Average insurance company


I was introduced to Interboro by shopping for new auto insurance policy, since it gave the best rate at that time. They provided the installment payments plan which added about $4 per month for 12 months, that's a good choice for those who can't pay in full. Since I have never claimed from the insurance company, its existence is more of an insurance of assurance/confidence. I do not and can not judge the quality of the service, but one thing for certain, they do not provide the best rate for the drivers with good experience and records. This insurance company is pretty small in size and only insures the drivers in New York area, so the reliability is more questionable than the bigger companies in the same field. Overall from my experience I feel this is an average car insurance company, they don't provide any more correspondence other than the policy documents and bills. In another word, they just do their job and do not try to stand out as a better/caring company. Since its coverage is limited to the NY, it's irrelavent to people outside of the state.


Norwalk, CT


Terrible customer service-Stay away from this company!


This company was recommended by a broker (Lang Insurance).  It has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had.  The rate quouted initally changed without notice after I paid the inital payment to the tune of $300.00.  The company refuses to provide a letter of coverage when requested.  This company also refused to notify the DMV of coverage for more than 6 months even when petitioned by Albany, NY, it took an additional 2 weeks for them to complete this task.  So during this time, my driver license was suspended. (can anyone afford to go without their driver's license for 6 months?) There is no listing to contact this company directly...That should of been my first warning sign!  Additionally, this company called me more than 3 times during my working hours to "verify" application information claiming that the inital infomation was not stored in their computer system.  This company collects your money and will not provide the most basic of services.  Stay away from this company if you value your driver's license.  The larger companies might cost a little bit more, but to me it would of been worth it to me not to have had the nightmare I experienced.  In fact, when I think about it, the additional $300.00 that they charged me was the difference between the more reliable and well-established companies.  Do not make the mistake that I did!  Stay away from Interboro Insurance!!!!  


Floral Park, NY


Interboro Insurance

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