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Blu-Ray Player
Insignia Blu-Ray Player

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NSBRDVD3 is great for Blu Ray


This review is about the insignia blu ray player with model number NSBRDVD3. I have been using this for over a year now and am happy with the results. The best part about it is because its insignia its very affordable especially if you can snag it on sale. It plays back in 1080p both blu ray movies and it upconverts dvds. My main gripe is they advertise internet, but don't make it clear it is wired internet. This means you have to plug in the internet to the player no wi-fi connection. I believe they fixed this with the newer models, but if you are looking to buy this just remember no wifi. It offers outstanding picture quality especially for the price. IT is easy to use and pretty responsive. I have not had any problems with freezing discs, or anything not playing on it. I am impressed with the quality of the product. It is not too large, but large enough to show the time and chapters during a movie. Overall its a fantastic value especially with the fancier players now out there. If you don't care about the internet in blu ray I would suggest this in a minute.


Cincinnati, OH


Surprisingly Good Blu-ray PLayer


I purchased a refurbished model of this blu-ray player. It came in perfect condition and looked flawless. I got a great discount on the already discounted price for the Insignia blu-ray player. When I opened it and tested it out, I was plesantly surprised to see the features and quality of the blu-ray player. First off this player is network capable which allows for both netflix streaming and pandora! Currently, it only allows for netflix, pandora, and BD-Live. The firmware seems to be updated within a reasonable timeframe as it was just updated in Aug 2010. The firmware update in the future could also allow for other services to be added to the internet connectability. Although the player may take a few seconds to initially read the blu-ray disc, once it gets going, it is amazing! This however I have heard is a problem with many blu-ray players due to the drm (copy protections) on the blu-ray disc themselves. The only problem with this player is the remote. The remote is VERY bad. You have to point it directly at the player for it to respond and sometimes there is a lag as well. To make matters worse many universal remotes do not have the codes for Insignia and dont work with the player. This is supposedly because it uses a newer technology that most older remotes dont allow. If you have a logitech universal programable remote, you will be good to go though.


Goleta, CA


Insignia Blu-Ray Player a great value for the money


This review is on the latest model, the Insignia NS-BRDVD4. I've used the PS3 before and comparing the picture quality between it and this unit, I would have to say that the Insignia Blu-ray player is only slightly behind in terms of performance. To the average person, one probably wouldn't notice the PQ difference between this and one of the name brand competitors unless these players were playing a movie side-by-side. Black levels and overall color production from this TV is pretty good however but one can tell that the PS3 still offers a slightly superior picture.   The features on this unit is pretty standard - HDMI 1080p out, Netflix, Pandora, HDMI-CEC. The HDMI-CEC (called InLink by Insignia) actually comes in handy because otherwise you have to point the BR player remote directly at the unit for it to work. HDMI-CEC allows you to control the player using the TV remote while you are pointing it at the TV. The unit played my BR discs pretty quickly, seemed to me to be something like 20 seconds.  In the end I think this player is great if you are on a budget and/or are using this player on a TV smaller than 40-inches. Any TV set larger than that warrants getting a name-brand television in my opinion. 


San Diego, CA


Insignia Blu-Ray Player

4.0 3