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Infantino Happy Hippo Playmat

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Quick Fold, Easy Carry


Enjoyed having this mat handy. Quick fold and carry. Easy cleaning. Added extra rings to hang baby toys. If you want easy and simple this is the mat for you. I like the quick zip and take along. I have the larger playmat but for travel and quick trips this was easier.



Lifesaver if you travel!


When my son was a newborn (and up to 7 months or so), he loved playmats! Anything he could lay on and grab at could keep him entertained forever! We tried several, and he liked most of them fairly well, but I found them to be bulky and difficult to keep out of the way if he wasn't actively using it. Then my aunt gave us the Infantino play mat (except ours was the worm version instead of the hippo). Let me tell you, I loved this thing! It was super-easy to set up; my son could be playing on it in under a minute, but the best part is that when the baby is done, you just swivel the cups that hold the toy arch and zip it up -- voila! It's flat for storage and completely amazing for traveling. We took ours to the grandparents' house and it took up virtually no space in the car. We love this playmat!

Lenexa, KS


Good travel playmat.


We have this Infantino Play mat, just in the Monkey. It is a great play mat for traveling; however, I wouldn't recommend it for long-term use. The play mat folds up and zips up into a small, compact mat, to make travel easier, but this also makes the toy bar a bit more unsturdy. More than a couple times my daughter who was three months old at the time was able to pull the toy bar over. This then caused the bar underneath (that the child lays on) to come up, making it uncomfortable for her to lay on. If you watch your child to make sure that this does not stay this way (as in, you pull the toy bar back up), it is not a big deal. The play mat is adorable, and has a pillow that makes laying on the floor more comfortable for your child. The middle toy plays music when it is pulled, which my daughter loves. It is also very inexpensive, making it a great back up play mat, or to have for travel. 

Wake Forest, NC


Soft mat with close toys for younger babies


This Infantine Hippo Playmat was given to me as a gift. The very first time I used it, I was a bit frustrated as it seemed that the toy bar kept falling on my infants face. I didn't realize I hadn't correctly set it up, with the bars folding outward. After I realized how to correctly use the play mat, it became my go-to playmat for my chid! I thought it was so cute and very comfortable for my young child. There was thicker padding in the mat, compared to other playmats I had used in the past. I also enjoyed how the bar had toys that you could place anywhere along the bar, unlike other playmats who had specific spots for toys. My son was able to reach the toys at a younger age, because I could move the toys closer to the ground for his reach. I also enjoy how the product has a zipper so you can easily close it and carry it wherever you need to go. I also had no problem removing the bar so that I could put it in the washing machine.

Charlottesville, VA


Infantino Happy Hippo Playmat

4.3 4