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IKEA Akurum Cabinets

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Ikea Akrurum Cabinets


We just bought a whole kitchen of these cabinets and I must say it was a very good decision which saved me a lot of money by doing it myself. The whole process stated at the store. We simply went to the cabinet area, the customer service person explained how we could build our kitchen with a computer. We decided what type of cabinets right there. We put in the measurements and built the kitchen on a computer. After that we looked at appliances and decided what we wanted and discussed price, how long it would take to be shipped etc. We even bought our counter top from them although the subcontract that out to another company. We got home and decided we needed to make some changes. We could access the kitchen we built online and make any changes we wanted. So, after a few weeks we had it all figured out, paid Ikea,they delivered everything. We built all of the cabinets, drawers, put in the hardware and appliances. Once the granite contractor came and put the counter top in we finished the back splash and were done. It saved us 50% at least and the kitchen turned out beautiful. If you are a do it yourself person, I recommend 100%.



Great looking, exceptional value, well built.


Ikea cabinets are great! Go online and get their deisgn tool. It take a little bit to get used to but I assure you that once you do it's a cinch! You can lay out the cabinets using the map or the 3d tool. To change the total look of the cabinets "select all" and change the feature (i.e. style of door, color, counter, etc). Save this to your computer AND ONLINE so you can look at it while at Ikea. Print out the list with your PRECISE measurements (be sure because they will NOT come measure your kitchen unless you pay them to) and head over to your local Ikea warehouse. While at the warehouse you will be asked to pull your drawing up from the online storage. Look at the cabinets in person and use their great moveable pieces to match together the floor, cabinet and countertops you want. Once you have it an associate will help you write it all up. They will note any major flaws in what you have planned and are, generally speaking, pretty helpful. If you are set on picking things up that same day make sure you have SEVERAL free hours. It took us an hour to pull all of the pieces from the warehouse. They DO give you a handy dandy sheet with the location of each item. My SMALL kitchen had 147 pieces (each door, glide, hinge, shelf is in a sep. box). It took 30 minutes just to check it all out. Stack everything with the labels facing OUT to help this process move smoother. There was roughly 1000 pounds so either have it delivered (you pay by the piece btw) or bring a large truck. Assembly was pretty easy, once you figure out one piece you have it made. Installation was easy too, then again my boyfriend installed them so for me it WAS a piece of cake. :-) He used to build cabinets and says these are a surprisingly good quality. He was impressed with the undermount drawer glides and the high end door hinges. He complained that the backs were cheesy, but seriously they go up against a wall, who cares? All in all I highly recomend these to everyone!  

Suquamish, WA


Ikea Akurum Cabinets perfect for cheap and dirty kitchens


If you are flipping a house, condo etc. then this is a great kitchen because it's cheap, especially if you install yourself. If you don't use your kitchen for cooking, also a good option. But if you plan to cook in your kitchen for a few years, DON'T THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY. After 2 years, doors started developing hairline cracks that grew and grew as the crappy pressboard underneath them started absorbing moisture from cooking, humidity, wiping the doors down, etc. Now, 6 years later, IKEA tells me I abused the doors. I'm furious. My house is spotless, I am a total neat freak and cleaning all the time. The only thing I'm guilty of is cleaning the doors too often. Now they look like TOTAL CRAP and IKEA won't do a thing to back up their "10 Year Warranty" - warranty on WHAT? Bottom line, I would never buy another IKEA kitchen.

Beverly Hills, CA


IKEA Akurum Cabinets

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