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IVAR Shelving Unit

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Not sturdy


This product can be found at Ikea.  When researching online I came across this product and thought it would be a great idea for storage in our storage closet in our house.  Instead of buying the product online I drove four hours to Ikea to make sure it looked like the picture. The product looks great upstairs in the showroom.  There are many different ways to put the shelves together and the concept is great.  The people were very helpful in telling me which bins to look for in the warehouse ect. When we got down to the warehouse that is when I discovered the main flaw in this product.  The wood is not made at the usual Ikea standard.  Half of the racks we were looking at for the product were already cracked in half, made unevenly, or missing different parts. Make sure that you do NOT buy this product online and pay for shipping.  Go pick it out in person IF you are still thinking about buying it.  But remember the wood isn't a good quality and you shouldn't store anything heavy or breakable on the shelves.

Franklin, TN


IVAR Shelving Unit

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